I ❤ You...Forever and Always

This is the sequel for "Soul Mate" the threats aren't over will happy ever after be pursued or someone get in the way? You've just got to read it to find out


8. Chapter 8

Sammi's POV-

"Bitch where the hell are you?!" my breathing started to get faster and faster as I heard the sound of feet echoing through the walls.

"SHOW ME WHERE YOU ARE!" Harry please come and find me soon! I need you! I started to let silent tears of fear escape my eyes. Please don't let them find me! I don't wanna die!

"Fine bitch, when I find you, you will wish you showed yourself." I sniffled as I stood up, backing into a corner.

"Found you." a voice whispered in my ear as I was pushed to the ground.

"P-Please don't h-hurt m-me.." I stuttered, as I heard the other two come down. I was jerked up, by the one that goes by Matt.

"Where is she at?!" Hunter the leader boomed, as he jerked my head up.

"She's dead." he then sliced my arm, a good 4 inches.

"Then I guess you're gonna die too!"

"Hey Hunter, we have a visitor." Matt announced as he shoved someone to the ground.. Liam...

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