I ❤ You...Forever and Always

This is the sequel for "Soul Mate" the threats aren't over will happy ever after be pursued or someone get in the way? You've just got to read it to find out


4. chapter 4

Sammi's POV

I suddenly felt strong arms hold me back as I jumped down the water fall.

"Let go Zayn." I demanded, as I was trying to struggle free.

"Im never going to let you die." he said as he helped me up to where he was standing.

"Zayn...I miss Maddy so damn much, please let me die and be with her." I begged.

"No...she would want you to live and die for some other reason then suicide...Sammi I cant live without you." he said as tears escaped his eyes.

"She was like my baby..." I tried to explain, but he crashed his lips on mine.

"We can always make more..." he mumbled as he rested his hands on my hips, and we released the kiss.

"I like the sound of that." I said as we continued kissing.

........3 hours later 6:45pm........

Somehow we made it to the house...I dont even remember much other than what happened just a few hours ago...but who wouldnt remember?

"Sammi...Zayn...time for dinner." Liam informed us.

"Thanks...we will be down in a minute..." Zayn yelled down, as he gave me a kiss on the lips and we went down hand-in-hand.

"You guys alright?" Louisa asked.

"Ya...why wouldnt we?" I questioned.

"Well...we heard-" Louisa began but Louis placed his hand over her mouth and said "dinner is served."

"Thank you Louis." I said as I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, Sammi...im moving to New York." Louisa informed.

"YOUR WHAT?!" me and Louis both yelled.

"Im moving to New York...I need time and space away from here. All of this is happening so fast." she replied as she placed her drink down on the table.

"There has to be something else...what is it?" I asked eager to know.

"My childhood guy bestfriend said that I have to marry him, unless I want you guys killed." she responded, as her phone started playing 'Change my Mind' by One Direction, signaling that she was getting a call from someone. I slid across the table and grabbed her phone.

"Ello dis is Princess Shopaloppadingdong. How may I help you?" I asked in my best Sweedish accent.

"I need Louisa..." he responded.

"Dis is Princess Shopaloppadingdong...dis Louisa girl is no longer alive. We ate her for our snack." I lied still using my Sweedish accent.

"Well if she ever shows up, tell her that the wedding is in an hour." he said then hung up.

"You didnt tell me you had a damn hour for this wedding. I have no idea who you are anymore." I said as I tossed her, her phone then ran up to my room...to think of a plan.

......an hour later.....

I was dressed as Louisa, wearing a wedding gown and everything...as I heard the music playing I pulled my veil over my head and walked down the asile...Harry was helping me with my plan so he gave me off.

"Are you sure about this?" he whispered.

"Yes...yes I am...just make sure the guards are here along with the police." I said as we reached Brandon (Louisa's childhood bestfriend), and Harry gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"We are gathered here today for Louisa's and Brandon's wedding..if anyone is to object with this please say something now." the priest said with a glum voice. Nobody responded...just my plan...

"Ok...do you Brandon take Louisa to be you wonderful and wedded wife?" the priest asked.

"I do." Brandon claimed.

"Now, Louisa do you take Brandon to be your husband?" the priest asked me...just then I heard the door open, where I walked out of...

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I knew that voice from anywhere it was Louisa's.

"NOW!" I exclaimed as I pulled my knife out from behind me, and the guards drew there guns all on Brandon...excapt one which was pointed at Louisa and that was the first one that was pulled...we heard a scream of pain, then the other guns going off and shooting Brandon making sure he was dead. He wasnt the only one dead though...

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