I ❤ You...Forever and Always

This is the sequel for "Soul Mate" the threats aren't over will happy ever after be pursued or someone get in the way? You've just got to read it to find out


1. Death and Resurrection

Sammi's POV
I stuck in this black place. All I see is darkness. I keep trying to wake up but it doesn't work. I need to wake up. In all of a sudden I hear BEEEEEEEEEEP I figure it's the heart monitor, but if that's the heart monitor....I'm Dead

Zayn's POV
"Sammi I love you" I said when I heard the beeping sound. I....don't know what to feel.
"Sammi don't give up please!" Louisa said

The memories suddenly came flooding back...the contest...heart breaks...hate...forgiveness...when we met...proposal...marriage...wounds...and death.

There's no hope anymore. After two minutes we gave up but not the doctors. We couldn't bear to see her in that state we decided to stay outside. We almost left. Her heart monitor started going normal again. We all started jumping and crying in joy. Sammi is alive but she can't do anything....well it better than being dead.

"Sammi is alive and well. She'll wake up after a few hours" The nurse said
"That's great news!" I said in a joyful voice

The nurse left us.

"Okay guys it's only a few hours we could wait right" Louisa said in a encouraging voice
"But I think it's getting a bit late" Niall stated
"Come on what if she wakes up. What would you feel when you're in a hospital and you woke up with no one in the room" I said
"Fine let's stay..." Niall said finally giving up

We decided to stay. I feel really overjoyed I love this girl and she could be in my arms once again
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