Sirius Rat?

My own character, Zeiko Hatake, better known as Zeiko is going to be a Slytherin-student. A student who without a second of a doubt hates Sirius Black like he was the worst rat in history. But, however, he seems to be interested in her.


2. Six month later.

Sirius Black had at last managed to get Zeiko to accept him, however, he did not stop there. He continued trying to make her like him back, even though it seemed impossible.

"But, Ha -- erh -- Zeiko! Y-You promised you'd listen, if I had something smart to say, and I'm positive this is something! Really!"

"Black, I beg you, just leave me alone, before I chop your head off with this hoe. You know I would do it, if you don't watch it," Zeiko started, as she was running errands for the teachers. Right now she happened to be helping their teacher in Magical Creatures Care and Maintenance. As this teacher also had another job to hold, but was busy today, she was chopping the pumpkins free. At the very sentence, Sirius jumped a step back, if it was in fear, she did not know, but she appreciated it.

"I-I see..." he gasped, looking rather scared at the blade on her hoe. "I thought, that maybe you'd... come with me, so I could show you something." 

"What, another trick of yours? I don't think so," she snarled, hatching harder, and harder, as her temper got more and more out of control.

"Most curtainly not! Not everything I do have something to do with flirting with you, and if you believe such, I might as well just forget everything about you!" he hissed at her. She seriously pissed him of, when she wasn't the most adorable thing in the world. 

At that sentence, she lifted her head, smiled like never before, and almost dropped the hoe.

"Do you promise!? Will you leave me alone? Seriously?" she said, in the most begging voice she could manage to create. You could almost feel the honey dripping from her voice. 

"No!" he hissed, a little hurt now. Did she really hate him that much? So much, that she'd beg to make him leave her alone? Well, it truly did look like it, but actually our dear Zeiko was just playing tricks on him. Of course she didn't hate him, she barely knew him! She was just trying to see how long he'd fight for her, which she had been doing a lot of times now, to see who she could choose, and trust.

"Sirius, just go away," she sighed, upgrading from Black to Sirius. "I'm busy."

He turned around, and did as she told him. If he was pissed? She didn't even want to know. She then continued. 

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