Sirius Rat?

My own character, Zeiko Hatake, better known as Zeiko is going to be a Slytherin-student. A student who without a second of a doubt hates Sirius Black like he was the worst rat in history. But, however, he seems to be interested in her.


1. Growing him a bone.

Zeiko was heading quickly down to the library, where she knew Sirius Black wouldn't be. He'd been haunting her all day, pulling her hair, and making her irritated like never before, and she was close at pointing her wand at him, when he ended up saying: "you're like skele-gro - you're growing me a bone!", after which she ran off, and decided to hide in the library, where she knew he wouldn't come voluntary. 

"I've be safe here, I supp--.."

As if it wasn't enough looking at him, Sirius Black, he grabbed her, and pulled her behind some of the bookshelfs. 

"Black!" she whispered angrily, slapping him as hard as she could. "How dare you even touch me!? Did your parents RAISE you to do such!?" 

After she spoke her sentence, she discovered a dark shadow go over his face, if she looked besides the red mark on his cheek. Did she... did she say something wrong?

"My parents, Hata-- urh, how the hell do you pronounce your name!? My parents, Zeiko, was both psycothic. I don't live with them. I moved away." he whispered just as furious as he, and she looked.

"Do I look like I care!?" she hissed, turned, and walked away from him. He shouldn't even dare touch her. Not even talk to her ever again. But he did. He pulled her back, pulling her hair like crazy.

"Stop touching my hair, you perverted freak! Get some manners!" she hissed even more enraged, turning around, and slapping him over the other cheek. He pissed her off, like never before. If he was going to touch her after saying such thing, he sure as hell shouldn't touch her hair. Not if he had a dream about continuing living. 

When he then almost crushed her hands in his, she knew, that she pissed him off, and since he was so much taller than she was, she could feel the fear sneeking up on her. But hell no, he wasn't going to make her beg for mercy. Not as long as her name was Zeiko - and it still was.

"Let go of me!" she shouted, trying to pull her hands of her grip, hissing like an angry cat. And then, finally, he let go of her. The only problem was, that before he forced himself to do so, he gave her a fast kiss on the cheek. And left stood Zeiko, confuzed. What... what was that, and why in the...?

"I AM NOT ONE OF YOUR VICTIMS!" she ended up screaming at him, turning around on her heel, and starting running out of the library. 

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