adventure with 1D



10. HAHAHa


When the disc was finish all the boys and Alex's mouths were open. I chuckled , Harry joined in .

'' So what did you guys think ? '' I asked . '' Who was singing with Harry ? '' Niall asked . Alex hit playfully on the arm , '' Ashley you dumbo '' she said . '' Oh ... Wow you are good '' Niall said . 

'' Thank you '' I said , everyone finally came out of there trance . '' You guys were awesome ! can we have a live demo ? '' Liam asked . I looked down at my feet , I am really shy to sing in front people . '' Hey ! it will be alright i am here with you '' Harry whispered in my ear , I smiled . '' What song ? '' I said while smiling . What am i feeling ? Every time Harry would smile i would feel butterflies in my stomach , every time he would talk to me i would feel shivers down my back . This is totally a new experience. I was cut out of my trance by Harry , '' Ash? ASH ?! '' he shouted . '' Huh ? What ? '' '' They want torn '' He said . I nodded , then Harry started to sing . When it came to my turn to sing i started to shake , Harry grabbed my hand . I looked up at him then started to sing . At the end of the song everyone clapped , Harry brought my into a warm embrace, and whispered in my ear , '' I am proud of you '' . There i felt it again , the shivers going down my back . 


After the lads and Alex were clapping , that is when they noticed me and Ashley hugging . I heard a lot of co's . I could not help but blush , I could tell Ashley was blushing too as she dug her head into my chest . I looked up at the boys who had smirks on there face. As much as i did not want to let go of the hug i had to . '' So .. You went up to her floor ? '' asked Louis . '' Yep '' I said while popping the ' P ' and sticking out my tongue. '' That's not fair ! '' Louis said , he continued '' I thought we had something Ash '' . Ashley just laughed , then she walked over to Louis and whispered something in his ear . I felt jealous . Louis had a smile plastered on his face . '' We will be back '' he said . Ashley and Louis left the room . Where are they going ? We decided to watch a movie while they were gone . I could not concentrate my mind kept thinking of Ashley . I have never felt this way about any girl before . '' Haz , you okay mate ? '' Liam asked . He must have noticed the worried look on my face , '' Yeah '' I replied . 

~~ After the movie ~~ 

Ashley was still not back . What is taking her so long ? Louis better not have made a move on her .

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