adventure with 1D



8. HAHaha


I opened the door to see who was singing , it was definitely not one of the lads. It was Ashley .

'' Sorry . did i wake you up with my horrid singing ? '' She asked . She was so cute .

'' It was not horrid at all love , you sounded amaZAYN '' I laughed 

'' Okay , then . '' 

'' So , why wont you sing for all of us ? or even better let us in you music room ? '' I asked with curiosity plastered on my face . 

'' Nah , you can't go there '' 

'' and why not ? '' 

'' You guys are one direction and i am just the niece of your bodyguard '' 

I stuck my bottom lip out , '' Please can i go to your music room " I begged 

'' Okay , but only you . And do NOT tell the lads that i took you to my floor '' She replied. I did my victory dance and she laughed. She got out of the swimming pool and wrapped herself in a towel . '' Lets go '' she said and i followed . When we reached her floor there was a door with a pass code . '' Turn around . You are not gonna come in here again '' I did what she asked . I heard a little beep and she grabbed my hand . WOW ! her floor was so cool . All i saw were doors . LOL . '' Ok the music room is that door . i will change then met you there '' She said pointing to the last door . I nodded and went inside . I could not believe my eyes , he so called music room was a professional recording studio. I walked around the studio and looked in at all the cabinets. One said lyric the other said Albums and the last said Singed posters. I looked in the one that said ' Lyric ' and all that was inside were these books with names on the side . I caught my eye on one it said ' One direction ' I laughed at the site . I went to check in the one that said ' Album ' . It was full , there was also our albums . Then i say a name of an album that was not familiar . It was called ' Night is still young ' I took it out and looked at it . It was Ashley's Album . Me being as cheeky as i am put it in my underwear for now . I want to listen to it . i hope Ashley wont notice it missing . A few minuets later Ashley came back .

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