adventure with 1D




The stood in shock when we entered my house . '' Wow , your house is awesome '' Harry said in amazement.'' Thank you '' I replied . I turned around to tell Alex to get the maps . Lets just say that i have a huge house , but Alex was not there .

'' ALEX !! GET OUT THE FOOD ROOM NOW '' I shouted . Niall's eye's widened.'' You have a food room ? '' he asked . I laughed as i knew what he was thinking , the boys joined in and Alex came .'' Here are the maps '' i said handing them it . '' You are aloud to go anywhere except , the last level . That's my level and I don't want any boy there '' i continued . They nodded in agreement . I showed them to their rooms, then i left them to settle in . I felt like some fun so i use the intercom to talk to the lads . '' Hey , wanna play some laser tag ? meet me in that room . please '' i said and headed to our Laser tag room . I geared up and waited . After around 3 minutes the boys , Alex and my other frined , Nicko , who I did not know was here . I introduced him to the lads .

'' Lets team up ! '' Liam suggested and i agreed. '' Hey , i know . Me , Alex and Nicko versus you guys '' I said , '' No that would not be fair '' Liam said . '' It will , cause we spend a lot of time training to kick ass so we for sure are gonna win '' I said with confidence . '' Oh really , wanna beat ? '' Louis said . I had a smirk on my face , '' Game on ! Loser sleeps in the winter room '' I said , '' Dial '' Louis said . '' LOUIS ! '' the other lads shouted . The buzzer went of and we started the game.The buzzer went off telling us that the game is down . We went to see the score board . I WON ! '' In your face Louis , have fun in the Winter room '' I said , doing my victory dance . '' Fine ! '' he said . Me and the Lads burst out laughing . '' Hey , since we will be here for a while , should we get to know each other '' Liam suggested . I lead them out the Laser Tag room and lead them to our second living room . 

'' So , who starts ?'' Niall asked .

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