adventure with 1D



3. BLAh

I could not keep my laughter in . You should of seen their faces .... HAHA .. I drove as masterly as i could , then we reached the back exit where uncle Paul was going to met us . '' I got them '' i said , '' Well down Ash , now get in that car ..You know where your going '' he replied . '' Sir yes sir '' i said ..

'' Boys, get in  " I said , while pointing at the car. They looked at me curiously i just smiled . When we were in the car, i broke the silence 

'' Hey , umm we have not really officially meet . I am Ashley '' I said '' That Alex ''

'' Hey ...'' they said .

'' Look , we are not some phyco fans that are kidnapping you . We were ordered by Uncle Paul to do this '' 

They looked at me ...'' Look , STOP WITH THE LOOKING '' The look a bit shocked .

''So .. Paul is your uncle '' Niall finally spoke 

'' Yep .. You people of One Direction are gonna stay at my house for your stay here '' I said with a smile.

'' We are here '' The driver spoke . '' Thanks bill '' I said and headed out . I checked if they were any fans . CLEAR 

'' Hurry up , we are clear '' i shouted and the followed me to the door .

'' Feel like home , whats mine is yours '' i said as we entered the house .

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