adventure with 1D



1. blah

Hey ! I am Ashley . My dad is the Brother of Paul . Yes Paul , the security guard of ONE DIRECTION ! I know you might ask . Have you met them ? well , No . That is pure sadness right . Anyway , Me and my friend , Alex , learn martial arts and stuff to defend our self . Lets just say our dad's really want to know we are protective . Back to the story , My dad got a call from uncle Paul last night. He wants us to save 1D from the crazy fans who will be waiting at the airport. I know what you are thinking , Saving 1D . It is a dream come true , maybe. Back to it again .....

I called Ales and told her about out so called mission. She came over to my house like ASAP and we slept . We have an early night .

6:30 AM 

We woke up and but on some leather pants ( leather pants , Really ? ) and a black T-shirt that say's TALK TO THE BOSS . We got into a taxi and headed to the airport.

When we reached there i could say that my ear drums exploded , there were what i think was 200 people waiting outside the airport. Gosh . We headed in side and handed the guard our passes and met up with uncle Paul . We said that One Direction were still on the plane , so he could talk to us before you know what we need to do . '' Okay , girls you know what you have to do '' he said , '' Yes we do '' then we walked away .

Me and Alex were walking around when we saw one of those carts . We walked up and found that the keys were in the slot. '' Alex , are you thinking what i am thinking ? '' i said , '' yep! '' she replied . We hopped in and started to drive . Did i mention that i am only 14 , i have know idea how to drive.

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