The Attack Of The Vampire

1: A young boy goes to the shopping mall with his friends
2: Late in the night
3: A Vampire attacks them
4: Very big shopping mall
5: Shopping mall gets destroyed
6: Some ESCAPE
7: Some Don't
8: some normal people get attacked


3. The Attack

Dave went into the Knives and Folks shop he picked a knives for protection to find Michael. One knife slipped out of his hand and landed on his feet! It started bleeding he screamed so loud that Michael heard. Michael was walking towards the place and he saw people walking around then he saw Dave struggling to walk towards the bench. Michael had a plaster with him and he wasted it on Dave! Dave gave Michael a knife to use. Suddenly the window at the roof of the Shopping Mall broke and a man jumped in. His teeth was sharp and it was sticking out, he had a cape on and his mouth was full of blood!

Someone shouted VAMPIRE! and everyone started to run and made the Shopping Mall crowded. As soon as Michael so the Vampire he threw the knife at him. Unfortunately he missed Dave tried and hit him on the legs. The Vampire went down onto one knee but got back up, surprisingly the was a fruit and food shop near them Michael ran to the shop and grabbed couple of Garlic while he was coming back the Vampire was sucking Dave's blood!

Michael was so angry he grabbed a knife and he ran at the Vampire with the Garlic in one hand and a knife in another hand and killed the Vampire! Michael knew that that wasn't the end more Vampires will come after him now so he waited. A few minutes later the whole shopping mall was full of Vampire's and everyone in the Mall died including MICHAEL!!!

                                            THE END!


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