The Attack Of The Vampire

1: A young boy goes to the shopping mall with his friends
2: Late in the night
3: A Vampire attacks them
4: Very big shopping mall
5: Shopping mall gets destroyed
6: Some ESCAPE
7: Some Don't
8: some normal people get attacked


2. On The Way

   Michael and his friends were walking through Movellas Rd then promptly they heard a hiss sound coming from a tall tree as they walked on they were looking out for anything. Jack (one of Michael's friend) said " we are close lets just run now" They started running but then Bobby (one of the friends) slipped and fell. Bobby started bleeding Michael and Jack went to the Shopping mall to get some Plasters and Dave had to stay with Bobby. A shop from the opposite side caught Dave's eye " Give me one minute I am coming back from the shop" said Dave. When Dave came back he dropped the drink from his hand from shock. Bobby was GONE! He ran to the Shopping Mall to find them, he found them in Boots buying plasters he told them Bobby's gone. They tried finding him but there was no use they went to the Shopping Mall to tell the Guards but they couldn't find any. They were alone in a section Dave got freaked out so he ran Michael and Jack chased him. Unexpectedly they all were separated. Jack was safe because he was with all the other people Jack had no time to look for them and was scared to look for them so he went home. Dave was safe a few minutes later but was trying to find Michael.  




































































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