The Attack Of The Vampire

1: A young boy goes to the shopping mall with his friends
2: Late in the night
3: A Vampire attacks them
4: Very big shopping mall
5: Shopping mall gets destroyed
6: Some ESCAPE
7: Some Don't
8: some normal people get attacked


1. Sneaking Out

Michael was talking with his friends online, they were talking about going out to the Shopping Mall to hang out. All of a sudden Michael's Mum walked into the room and said " Go to sleep"

" One Minute Mum" said Michael, he turned off the screen and jumped into the bed! 

As She turned off the light and closed the door Micheal leaped off his bed and switched on the screen. Meanwhile a ping popped up inside the computer it was message from his friends saying where should we meet you, Michael replied at my house. Michael shut down the computer and sat on his bed waiting. Suddenly the was whisper coming through Michael's window saying Michael Michael come down! He opened the window and said " I am going to throw a rope down there so be ready"he got a rope and throw it down, his friends caught the rope he started climbing down from his window! " Which shopping mall should we go to" said one of Michael's friends called Dave

" The one near my house called Movellas Shopping centre. 


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