Lie to Me

Callie was any ordinary girl with a huge secret. But can she keep this secret from past friend Niall Horan? And what happens when she has to date him?
Sorry this is a terrible blurb. The story will be better.


1. Phone Call

"Mommy! I'm hungry!" Lilly yelled. I sighed.

"Coming sweetheart!" I yelled back. I put down my paintbrush and wiped my hands on my overalls. I was the stereotypical painter who always wore paint splattered overalls and a shirt. 

I studied  what was a half done painting. I was painting a weeping woman. That was what I was probably going to call it too. I paint photographs people send me and then they buy the painting. That's how I make my living.

Lilly is my daughter. Her father didn't stick around. He didn't even know I was pregnant. He just left.

Lilly and I live in an old, run down flat. It has three rooms. A kitchen, a master bedroom, and a bathroom. We sleep in the same room and I paint there too.

I walked into the kitchen where Lilly was drawing. She is only four so it was mostly scribbles and some flowers.

"Hey, Lil. What do you want to eat?" I asked her. She looked up at me and smiled.

She had all of her daddy's looks. Her hair was long and blonde, and her eyes a bright blue. She only had one thing from me that I could see: my wild curls.

"Can I have goldfish, Mommy? The colorful kind?" She asked. her voice was so sweet and cheery.

"Sure, babe. But not a lot. You wouldn't want to spoil your dinner!" I said, ruffling her hair. She laughed and went back to coloring  while I poured her a bowl of goldfish.

When I had done that, the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Lilly said. She hoped off the chair and got to the phone before I could.

"Hello?" She asked. "Callie? Who's Callie?" She asked.

"That's me, sweetie. Here, go eat your snack. Gimme the phone." She handed me the phone and took the bowl from my hand. She ran away, spilling some in the process.

I sighed.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hi is this Callie Smith?" A female asked. I replied with a yes.

"Hello! My name is Jenny. I heard you paint from photographs and would like to know if you yourself were a photographer." Jenny said.

"I am. Where would you like to meet?" She then gave me the address.

"Who am I painting?" I asked before we hung up.

"One Direction. I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow, Callie." Then she hung up.

"Lilly? Come clean up your mess!" I yelled. I went to go pack up all my camera and lights. If I have to photograph five apparently unruly boys, I'm gonna need Advil and chocolate.

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