The Waiting Room

Skye never had the best life. All she ever wanted was to die, but now she has the choice, is it really that simple?


6. The Girl

I'm back in the hospital. My soft white, robe has gone and been replaced by the skanky hospital gown I died in. The same machines still surround me, pumping in the same fluids but now they aren't drowning me. No, they're making me better.

Slowly, I sit up and look around. The girl that was there when I died is sitting in a chair by the bed and I can't help but think about when I first woke up in the room and G was sitting just like that. She sees me wake up and suddenly she is crying again. I can't tell if it's because she is happy or sad until she stands up and collapses on top of me in a fit of tears repeating "Oh my \God, you're still alive."

She sits herself next to me on the bed. "Skye... Oh my God." she says, "I can't believe you have actually woken up!"

Now, she's hugging me. No one's ever done that before, well, not that I can remember, anyway. I don't even know who she is, but it kind of feels familiar. Like some sort of deja vu. 

"Who are you?" I ask quietly, pushing through a painfully sore throat.

" don't remember me?" And she's crying again. Great.

It feels like I should know her, but the fact is I don't and I tell her, "No...I don't" 

Slowly, she gets off the bed and walks around. She's upset.

"Skye... I'm your twin sister."

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