The Waiting Room

Skye never had the best life. All she ever wanted was to die, but now she has the choice, is it really that simple?


1. The Day I Died

I never thought I'd die like this. Okay, so I didn't have the best start but I always imagined something might change. I might change. I always thought someone would pick me up out of the gutter and train me up so I could be something better.

I always imagined I'd be an old woman when I died, surrounded by my children and grandchildren. I'd be old and frail, but in my heart I'd still be young. Maybe, my expectations were just too high. I'd been disappointed before so why not now. Still, I never thought I'd only be 14, scrawny and pale and thin, surrounded by doctors and machines.

They're pumping more fluid into me, like they're trying to drown me from the inside out. It's too loud. I want to cover my ears but everytime I go to move my arms someone pushes them back down to the bed. A girl around my own age is struggling against the power of two security guards. Everything is getting harder. Even breathing. It feels like there is a weight on my chest and I'm too weak to push against it anymore.

So I give up.

The girl drops to her knees and starts screaming but I can't hear her anymore. Everything is going darker until I can't see her either. 

I know I'm dead, but it was always life that scared me.


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