The Poet

Inspires by Alix to write a poem. Hope you like it and if you have time please comment on what you think, thank you.


1. The World

The canvas I painted was rather too small,
so I came up with an idea to color the world.
I did not seek stardom like pop stars galore,
but chose to hide in the shadows of hell.
My quill and my notebook do stab at my heart,
as inspiration takes over and words fall like stars.
I imagine each word I write like dew rain,
which comes from the upwards of sunlight and stain.
The world that I live in is different from yours,
since the color inspired is darkness and cause.
The world such a mess I find it amusing,
that the people in it are blind and confusing.
They trifle over such things as beauty and wealth,
whilst they apply poisoned false hood of what kills their health.
I shall live my life to what I do see,
the world that I live in is corrupted not free.
My only dear friend and the light to my soul,
will be my quill and book which will help till im old.
After I die I hope we don't fade,
into the darkness of this bitter facade.

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