Becoming Independent

Emily is starting her last year of school and realise that she knows nothing. Feeling a little stupid, she decides to give herself till she turns 21 to get herself a life. This is her notebook, her project and she calls it BECOMING INDEPENDENT.


3. The chicken sandwich thief

Today I told my mum about the project. She said she could help me but I would need to help her by giving her a list of what I can do. I enclose a hand printed copy of the list.

What I can do when it comes to food: A list by Emily Watson

                                                   Make a bowl of cereal

                                                   Make a pot noodle

Bake a ready meal

Make a sandwich

Order takeaway

Throw some vegetables together and make a salad.

Burn a piece of bread to make it toast(burnt toast.)

I an make a cup of tea if qualifies

This is the conversation I had with my mum when I gave her the list.

Me:Mum, are you alright you haven't said anything since I gave you the list.

Mum:Is this it?

Me: Yeah,why?

Mum: Well, this is abit...Whats the word,crap.

Me: That's why I am asking you to help me.

Mum:Yes, but the problem is, I haven't made you dinner for ages so how in the world have you been feeding yourself.

Me: Mum,I am the chicken sandwich thief.

The chicken sandwich thief mystery started long ago. My mum would take the chicken from our Sunday dinner and make herself a chicken sandwich. She would then put it in the fridge and leave it for when she got home. Though it would always be mysteriously taken.

Mum: You have survived on a chicken sandwich for a whole year.

Me: I would turn it into a chicken salad for tea.

Mum: You need help.

Me: I know,so you will help me.

Mum: Fine, but for now I want you to go to your room.

Me: I didn't do anything.

Mum: I swear, Emily Jane Watson, If you don't go to your room right now until you learn your lesson about stealing I will never help you again!!!!!!!


I have definitely learnt my lesson, never ever tell your mum the truth.




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