Becoming Independent

Emily is starting her last year of school and realise that she knows nothing. Feeling a little stupid, she decides to give herself till she turns 21 to get herself a life. This is her notebook, her project and she calls it BECOMING INDEPENDENT.


2. 18 and proud

I was looking back at the beginning of my project. My english teacher all ways said told me to open my stories with a bang and I think that had been accomplished.

Now I have to think and plan about how I going to this. I have already made a mental list of what I want to do. It is very long. It has things like:Learn to cook,get a job,get a boyfriend,get a friend.

I do have friends it is just that I want someone I can trust with anything. So yeah, there is my list. Looking back at it I really think that it would be a lot easier for me to split in to 3 categories, which will make it simpler for me to get everything on the list.

                     Before I turn 21 I would like to.

                    Be able to clean, cook, drive a car

                       etc before I turn 19

                    Get a job, house, car before I turn


                        Get into a proper relationship

                         before I turn 21.

My plan for life!!!!!!!!! It is a bit sad that I am pouring my time into this but you know, I have nothing else to do.




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