Love spell

Harry has always had a crush on louis. But Harry's crush on lou starts to grow and grow. One day he tells Lou but Lou rejects him. But Harry was to sad to even focus on anything.louis starts to feel bad and gives them a try. Will this make both of them happy. Or will they just ruin there friendship? Find out in love spell


2. The shock

Nialls pov
"Hey guys wanna go get something to eat" I said "sure Liam go ask Harry if he wants to go with us" zayn said "ok ill go ask Harry then" "we'll go and get in the car" Louis said "ok" Liam said (wall walked out and headed to the car) .

Liam's pov
(I walked up stairs and walked in Harry's room) "hey Liam what do u want" Harry said "I wanted to ask you if u wanted to go and get something to eat with us" I said "NO" Harry said "why don't u wanna go" I said "CAUSE I JUST DON'T WANT TO" Harry said "fine"I said (I walked out of Harry's room) "why was he so mad" I said to myself (I walked out to the car and got in) "where's Harry" zayn said "he said he didn't wanna come" I said "oh ok" zayn said (Louis drove McDonald's and we ate the food in the car) "this food is awsome" Niall said "you say that about every food place we go" Louis said "I know that's cause every were we eat us good" Niall said as I thought about why Harry yelled at me "why would he yell at me he never yelled at no one for just no reason something's up with him" I thought in my head.
Louis pov
"U ok Liam" I said "I'm fine" Liam said "no your not talk to me" I said "can we speak in private" Liam said "sure" I said (we walked to some were more private) "so what's wrong" I said "well when I asked Harry to come and eat with us he yelled at me for no reason" Liam said.....
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