Love spell

Harry has always had a crush on louis. But Harry's crush on lou starts to grow and grow. One day he tells Lou but Lou rejects him. But Harry was to sad to even focus on anything.louis starts to feel bad and gives them a try. Will this make both of them happy. Or will they just ruin there friendship? Find out in love spell


1. The reveal

Harry's pov
"I can't believe we've been a band for a year now and I haven't got up the nerve to tell Louis how I feel" I said to myself (I walked downstairs) "hey hazza" Louis said then my heart started to beat faster "hey Louis" I managed to say "what's up" Louis said I was now as red as a tomato "nnnnn...nothing" I finally managed to say "you ok haz" Louis said "I'm fine lou" I said then I walked upstairs to take a shower (I turned on the shower) "Should I tell Louis how I feel...but what if he rejects me" I said to myself as I took my shower (I finished taking my shower got out and got dressed and walked downstairs to the kitchen).

Niall's pov
(Harry walked in) "hey Harry" I said "hey nialler" he said "what's up?" I said "nothing but I need to ask you something" he said "ok so what did you want to ask me" I said "we'll say one of the band mates liked one of the other band mates (I mean more than a friend) should they tell the other band mate that they like them" he said "in my opinion I think they should tell them that they like them honesty is the best policy" I said "ok that's it" he said.

Harry's pov
(I walked out of the kitchen) "Louis can we talk upstairs alone" I asked Louis nervously "sure haz" Louis said (we walked upstairs and we sat in my room) "so what did you want haz". Louis said "we'll I've been meaning to tell you this for a year now" I said "ok so tell me what you've been meaning to tell me" louis said "we'll ever since last year I've had a crush on you and over the year it grew and grew and now I like you a lot lou" I said "wow Harry I don't mean to hurt your feelings when I say this but I don't like you that way" Louis said and left the room (I was devastated I loved Louis and he rejected me and then I started to sob).

Louis's pov
(I walked out of Harry's room) "so what did Harry want Lou" Niall said "nothing much it's was just some personal stuff" I said know that Harry was hurt "ok Lou so what haz doing then" Niall said "I don't really" I said "oh ok" Niall said "I'm gonna go upstairs to talk to Harry" Liam said "ok" all of us said.

Liam's pov
(I walk upstairs to Harry's room and knocked on the door) "who is it?" Harry said "it's Liam may I come in?" I said "sure Liam come in" Harry said "so what were you talking to Louis about" I said "can I trust you?" Harry said "yes you can Harry" I said "so 1st I've had a secret crush on Louis for a year and 2nd I told him I liked him and he rejected me then left" Harry said "awwwe Harry I'm sorry" I said "thanks Liam but promise me you won't tell anyone else about this" Harry said "I won't I promise" I said "ok you can go back down stairs now Liam I'm staying up here" Harry said " ok I will bye" I said (then I headed back downstairs)
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