Love spell

Harry has always had a crush on louis. But Harry's crush on lou starts to grow and grow. One day he tells Lou but Lou rejects him. But Harry was to sad to even focus on anything.louis starts to feel bad and gives them a try. Will this make both of them happy. Or will they just ruin there friendship? Find out in love spell


3. Asking him

Liam's pov
"I don't get why he would......" Louis said and stop in the middle of the sentence "what wrong Lou" I said a little worried "nothin I gotta go back and talk to Harry" Louis said " why?" I asked "I just do" Louis said "ok fine" I said "I'm gonna take a cab" Louis said "ok are u leaving now?" U asked him "yes bye Liam tell the boy I had to leave" Louis said "ok" I said (I walked over to the boys and told them they said it was ok)

Louis's pov
(Then I called a cab) "come in mr.tomlinson" he said "ok" I said as I handed him the address and walked in "I know y Harry doesn't want to go anywhere now he's depressed I might just give him and me a chance should I? I should and I will" I said to my self "we're here" he said "thanks for the lift" I said and handed him the money (I got out of the car unlocked the door and walked in and headed up to Harry's room and knocked on the door) "who is it" Harry siad "it's Louis" I said "GO AWAY YOU BROKE MY HEART!!!" Harry screamed "calm down haz I need to talk to u" I said trying to stay calm "fine come in" Harry said and unlocked his door "what's this all about" Harry said "I know ur mad but do u still like me?" I asked worried on how'd he react "yes Lou I still like u" he said calmly "well I've decided that I want to give us a chance" I said "so u want to go out with me?" He said "yes" I said "ok and excuse me for one sec" he said "ok" i said

Harry's pov
-I excused myself and then I lost it- "YEPEEEE HE SAID YES HE SAID YES THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE" I screamed and then walked back into my room "you ok haz?" Louis said

Authors note:
Hey guys I see how much u love this movella so I updated it want me to update more? Tell me
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