Thanks For The Memories

"What just happened? Did Harry whisper to him to make sure I was ok? Really? What the hell Styles? Oh my God…oh. Hannah plastered a smile on her face the best she could despite her shaking limbs and found Harry on the stage. He was still bounding across the stage having forgotten about Hannah altogether…and again, Hannah was invisible to him."


1. In a Flash


Tuesday, December 4th- 12am Ritz Hotel

“Smile ladies!” A bright light flashed in Hannah’s direction temporarily blinding her. She stumbled backward trying to catch herself before falling, but as always, she wasn’t quick enough.

Hannah toppled over a plant pot and onto the ground. 

“Ouch.” She mumbled under her breath. She looked up to see a photographer standing there looking at her with as much bewilderment as she looked at him with. 

“I’m fine. Just fine.” She muttered as she picked herself up off the ground. 

It had been about 17 hours since she’d last slept in an actual bed. She’d love to blame her clumsy tendencies on that, but unfortunately for her, that wasn’t due to lack of sleep. 17 hours she’d been awake and now she was exhausted, but she couldn’t go home just yet. Today had been the longest day Hannah had ever experienced in her short 19 years, but it was so worth it. She had just witnessed the most amazing concert of her life. The most amazing group of five boys that had ever graced this earth and she had seen them live. Not behind a computer screen anymore, but actually in the flesh. 

One Direction. Hannah had finally been able to see One freaking Direction. She woke up around 7am to drive a little over 4 hours to the city closest to her hometown that was holding a concert. New York. She just had to be so freaking far away from New York.

She had gotten enough sleep in the car before heading over to the hotel the boys were staying at. She hadn’t even changed out of her pajamas that morning because she knew there was no hope in her seeing them arrive nor leave the hotel anyway…and of course she was right. She waited by herself in the freezing  cold outside the hotel. None of her friends were terribly fond of One Direction. 


Friday, November 30th- 8pm

“No Hannah, I get it. But I just don’t think I’m willing to spend all of my Christmas money to go see five gay boys perform songs that I barely know.” Hannah’s friend Abby scoffed as she played absentmindedly with a lock of her long blonde hair.

“It wouldn’t be ALL of your money. Just enough to drive up to New York and back down. You have a ticket!” Hannah exclaimed.

“I know, but I’m probably going to sell it anyway.” Her friend sat up on her bed and started for the bedside mirror.

“Seriously?” Hannah couldn’t believe this. $70 just down the drain.

“Yeah, I mean I really want to get my mom the new iPhone and I’m only a few dollars short. One Direction will still be here next year, soooo…” 

“Oh my God. Oh my God!” Hannah mumbled as she picked at the strings on her favorite pillow. It was close to coming apart anyway.

“Hannah, just go. You’ll hate me even more if you don’t go because of me. I want you to enjoy yourself! But I just can’t go this time.”


Monday, December 3rd- 6:30pm

The venue they were performing in was absolutely huge. There were banners everywhere advertising for One Direction, basketball games, food chains and more. LED screens lined the outside of the arena giving off a little warmth in the crisp December air. It was only a few weeks before Christmas and Hannah honestly couldn’t think of a Christmas present in the world that she’d rather have than this concert ticket right here. She clasped the ticket in her gloved hands as tightly to her chest as she possibly could. She wasn’t sure whether it was to reassure her that she actually had it and wasn’t dreaming or the fact that she was afraid someone might actually try to take it from her.

She had been waiting in an ever slowly moving line outside. All teenage girls and a few delusional cougars waited along with her. She wasn’t sure if it was the cold or the lack of sleep that was causing her to feel a bit ill, but she tried to think of anything other than her oncoming nauseous feeling. What would being in the 3rd row be like? Could the boys actually see her? Would they notice her? Would Harry notice her? Oh, God those green eyes. She couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have them looking at you. She’d have to make sure she breathed. Deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out. What if he actually did see her though. Not that that would happen. She was just a normal girl. Brown hair. Not exactly short, but not too tall. Just average.

Now that she thought about it, everything about her was about as average as you could get. She was naturally pale. He hair was almost to her waist. She didn’t really style it. She would just kind of brushed it, tousled it and then go. Although she did try to put forth and effort for today. Well as much as an effort as she could in the bathroom of Starbucks. Booking a hotel room wasn’t exactly something she could afford. Even though average just seeped out of Hannah’s pores, she knew her one pretty asset was her eyes. Although they were still an average shade of brown. They had a hint of gold in them. Just small flecks of gold, but enough to make her eyes stand out of her never changing state of awkward average-ness. But would it actually be enough to catch any of the boys eyes? Probably not, but a girl can dream, right?

“Your ticket please, ma’am?” A slightly irritated lady behind the box office window barked at Hannah jarring her back to reality. How many times had she asked already?

“Oh, sorry. Umm, here you go.” Hannah fiddled with her crumpled ticket, shoving it through the box office window to the lady behind the glass. She tore the ticket along the perforated line and shoved it back at Hannah.

“Thank you.” Hannah snatched up the ticket, clutching it to her chest once again and headed into the venue soaking in the warmth and people all around her.


Monday December 3rd-9pm

Hannah bounced up and down as the lights dimmed and the music boomed louder. The opening chords to a familiar song began to play as the screen behind the band began to show random clips of the boys having fun. She could almost feel the hairs on her arm begin to stand up on end. The girls around her were screaming at the top of her lungs causing an ear shattering sound that pulsated through her which just made Hannah want to scream louder. As much as she wanted someone here to share this excitement with, she didn’t want anyone to bring her spirit down just as much. All of these girls were here because they loved One Direction just as much as she did. They knew what Jimmy protested. They knew how many R’s. They understood how fine Devine truly was. They understood how magnificent and utterly adorable Liam was. How perfect Zayn was. How special Niall was. How incredibly silly Louis was. And just how fucking beautiful Harry was. This was something she just couldn’t get her friends to see. Well, whatever. They’re missing out.

As soon as the countdown on the screen flashed 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 every girl in the arena jumped and shouted and squealed at the top of their lungs. Hannah screamed as loud as she possibly could, forgetting how exhausted she actually was. She still was unable to hear herself scream, but it didn’t even matter anymore. She still yelled as if her life depended on it. 

At that exact moment, just like in her daydreams, just like in every you tube video she had seen, just like everything she had ever imagined, the boys of One Direction burst out onto the stage and began singing the opening verse of Na Na Na. Most of the girls around Hannah continued to scream, barely containing their excitement, but Hannah couldn’t move. She instantly froze. Not thinking, not breathing. Nothing. The fact that her idols, the boys who had meant everything to her and literally ruled her entire being for the past 2 years were finally in front of her. Less that 10 feet away. She could already feel herself losing consciousness, but she refused to pass out. She made it this far and if she passed out, who knew if she’d wake up?! 

 Shaking her head she began to bounce up and down in rhythm to the music. Settling her stomach her eyes focused first on Zayn. God, was he beautiful. It was almost like he wasn’t even real. He was jumping around, full of energy, paying no attention to her of course. Then as she began swaying to the music, she looked over to see Liam and Niall goofing around. They were just as cute as they could possibly be. Like a puppy and a baby bunny interacting or something. She couldn’t help but smile at how wonderfully adorable Niam was. Then, she searched the stage for Louis. He was filled to the brim with energy as always. Bouncing up and down and bounding across the stage smiling at the boys every now and then. Finally after Hannah was able to take in the atmosphere of the whole situation she glanced across the stage to find Harry. He was bobbing his head to the beat if the drums and singing into the microphone. He was beautiful. His curls bounced around his head in time to the music. Hannah smiled at the sight of him. Of course he paid her no attention, but it didn’t even matter anymore. She was here and that was something that would never be taken from her.


As the boys finished their 3rd song, Harry began to speak out to the crowd. His words were automatically eaten up by the crowd. He was pretty sure he could say anything and the crowd would love it. 

“Good evening everyone! How are you all doing tonight?”

The room roared back in unison almost making the floor seem to vibrate.

“Aha, that’s great.” Harry grinned in the direction of Louis. “Do you think they could be as loud or louder than the other audiences we’ve had boys?”

“Oh yeah, definitely.” Niall chimed in.

“I guess we’re going to find out aren’t we?” Liam egged the audience on causing them to scream at decibels higher than what could be safe for any human ear. 

“Oh, I think we’ve broken the sound barrier boys!” Louis chuckled and wrapped his arm around Harry’s shoulder. 

“I think you might be right, Louis! Are you ready for some more New York!?” Harry shouted into the microphone excitedly. The crowd roared once more with excitement as they began to sing once again.


Hannah had almost jumped so much that her boots were beginning to hurt her feet. At this moment, nothing else mattered. Seeing them in the flesh literally put any kind of ailment or pain out of her mind. She bobbed her head to the music and occasionally screamed, but more than anything she made sure to watch everything the boys did because she didn’t want to miss anything. 

As she began singing along, Harry walked over to the side of the stage Hannah was sitting on. He sang out into the audience waving and giving thumbs up to a few of the devastatingly pretty girls in the front row. As Liam began to sing his verse, Hannah waved frantically in Harry’s direction knowing he would never see her, but of course it was worth a try. She waved both hands above her head and began jumping up and down, hoping Harry would at least acknowledge her craziness. He took a sip from his water bottle and began waving and touching the hands of the girls in the front row. After a minute, Hannah thought about stopping because she knew she looked like an idiot, but to her surprise, Harry locked eyes with her and smiled. Hannah’s breathing came up short and Harry waved and winked in her direction. She literally had to hold her chest to make sure her heart was still working. She was sure she looked like a proper idiot standing there motionless staring back at him. He continued to smile and then laughed and made his way back over to the other side of the stage to join in on the fun. 

Hannah began shaking. Did that really just happen. Holy shit. Oh my God…breathe. In. Out. In. Oh my God. Hannah forced her eyes closed and shook her head, counting backwards from 10. When she opened them, the boys had finished up the song and had started a new one. Harry once again was on her side of the stage and was glancing in her direction. Her body was still trembling a little as she held her chest. Harry’s face had a bit of a concerned look on it as he titled his head.

Hannah wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it especially since he was still looking at her. Almost as if she’d turned into some kind of green monster. She tried to smile, but she couldn’t get her mouth to work. Her mouth dried up and she felt a little light headed. Her face began to burn and she knew she must be about as red and a beet. 

Harry leaned down to one of the guards in front of the stage and whispered in his ear. The guard nodded, his eyebrows knitted up in concern as well. Before Hannah knew what was happening, the guard started towards Hannah. He leaned over to her and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“Are you alright kid?” His gruff voice was a nice break from the shrill screaming of the crowd.

Hannah pulled away confused and then it made sense. Harry thought she was going into cardiac arrest or something!

“I’m fine sir! I just, I mean, I just got a little hot is all. I’m fine.” Hannah nodded to reassure herself as well.

“Alright. Well, if you need anything, just give me a nod and I’ll see what I can do.” He said in a loud whisper and in a second he was gone.

What just happened? Did Harry whisper to him to make sure I was ok? Really? What the hell Styles? Oh my God…oh. Hannah plastered a smile on her face the best she could despite her shaking limbs and found Harry on the stage. He was still bounding across the stage having forgotten about Hannah altogether…and again, Hannah was invisible to him.

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