Here and Now

Janie has a dream that she meets Zayn from one Direction and it turns out to be real


2. New school, new attitude.

As I walked outside u can smell the toxic fumes leaking from the back of the dreaded,awful school bus. " Hurry up were runnin' late already princess." croaked the bus driver angrily. I climb up the steps and suddenly get hit with a paper wad. "Oh, sorry, this ain't for babe." a jock said as I re-crumple the wad. -AT SCHOOL- "Now class, I know it's the first day back in everything but.." "Ello Mr. Birstein, these are your new students." principal buck said pointing to not one, but five gourgous guys behind him. " Introduce yourselves boys." he said jokingly because at that very moment just Bout every girl except me either fainted or tried to get autographs from the boys.***AUTHORS NOTE: Okay, just in case you didn't know who I was taking about, it's one direction in the classroom.*** The cheeky curly haired it with emerald green eyes we t first." Hi, I'm Harry!" he said in his slow,but magical accent. The short cute blonde one was next."Hello I'm Niall! Nice to meet you all!" he said in his adorable Irish accent. The tan boy with the quiff was speaking now." Hi I'm Zayn! Glad to meet you guys!" he said. Something about his. Live triggered a major dei-ja-vu. He looked torwads me and smiled at me. " Have I see you before?" he asked with his eyebrows up in such a cute way it made me melt. I was so lost in Zayns chocolate brown eyes that I forgot about the other two boys. They luckily walked up together."Hi I'm Liam and this is my best mate Louis." he sayed in a weird but very cute accent. "Humph." I thought," maybe my week will be good after all.
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