Outlook on Summer

The forecast for summer was dull with a ninety-nine point nine percent chance of boredom. Avery Wilson is prepared for the endless hours of monotony - that is, until an unexpected job offer from her Gran sends her packing toward Brooklyn. With an arrogant, male companion also cleaning the house, and a frequent, energetic visitor, and a house full of undiscovered secrets, this summer for Avery's about to get a whole lot stranger. And who knows; perhaps the outlook on summer is a little brighter than expected.


1. I Get A Job

The sun penetrated the glass window, boring into the back of my head with all of its sizzling rage. Lancaster, Massachusetts boiled underneath the glare of the sun, the temperature barely below 110 degrees. Sitting by my window, the plants I'd struggled to keep alive for three years shriveled, their vibrant colors now resembled my Gran; dried, and without the lush energy from three years ago.

Or three-hundred; Gran was pretty old.

The sun only added to my frustration with the yellow pages before me. Mum had assured me that the ancient tool wouldn't be all too difficult to navigate; "Like Google," she'd said, in a reassuring tone. On the contrary Mum, I thought in annoyance, staring at the maze of useless advertisements for crappy companies plaguing the book. It's like a labyrinth. Of useless, stupid, lame, crappy businesses begging for people to slap the managers across their faces. Suffice it to say, my patience was running out.

I groaned in aggravation as another page with unpromising, disgusting jobs greeted me. This was hopeless; finding a decent job to occupy me for the tortuously tiring summer would be as difficult as attemtping to enjoy the horrid invention of summer vacation itself.

The "tranquility" was destroyed by the creaky motion of the front door opening. I slightly winced; I needed to remind Mum about the hinges - again. Her memory - or lack thereof - had been a damper on the ole childhood. Long story short, I'd spent all of my life acting as a living agenda of recitals, sports games, and conferences with concerned teachers.

"Hey sis," said the always optimistic voice of my older brother, in perfect unison of his girlfriend of two years, as she also greeted me with the same cheery smile. Ryder and Haley marched inside the living room, Ryder's arm around Haley's waist. Both wore identical smiles across their faces. Ryder's bright green eyes twinkled with joy as Haley's faded blush of pink appeared once again. Perhaps their creepy harmony scared her as well.

An automatic smirk appeared on my face; the two were practically made for each other. Ryder and Haley shared the same brunette hair, although Ryder's was slicked back in a traditional rocker method, while Haley's brunette hair fell down her face in delicate locks, her hair parted in the middle. Ryder's chiseled, angular features and sun-kissed features made him as handsome as Haley was pretty. The angelic beauty's green eyes were always alight with an indescribable delight, her perfect, pink lips curved into a shy smile. Both were tall and lean, with the physiques of models. If there ever was a story of a match made in heaven, Ryder and Haley was it.

"Shut up Ryder," I grumbled, rolling my eyes at his tightened grip around Haley's waist. He was totally whipped. I flashed a warm, knowing smile toward Haley. With a mellow, shy, and charismatic personality, I'd be totally fine if Haley became my sister-in-law. "Hey Hal," I said, winking at her. Haley giggled, good-naturedly returning the wink.

However, Ryder didn't look so happy with my indifference towards him. "Avery? Are you flirting with my girlfriend?" Ryder demanded, his voice catching a little at the word "girlfriend", as if he wanted to call Haley something else. Looking over at Haley's shocked expression, I feared that if her jaw dropped more, it would drop off her freaking beautiful face.

"You're lesbian?" she asked, her eyes wide with fear and appall. "Oh my god, why didn't you tell me? I thought we had a pretty good relationship here, Ave! I did not expect this! How long have you been hiding this? Is it hard? Oh my god, it must be -"

Perhaps I didn't want Haley as a sister in law.
* * * * *
Three hours later, my back ached from being hunched over the damned yellow pages, my head aching from pages after pages of lame jobs. I scowled at a particular advert; a prostitute? Wow, people had gotten way too desperate.

The echoing sound of the footsteps on the staircase made my head snapped up; after a whole day of solitude (aside from Ryder, who didn't count as company) I finally had someone to vent my anger at my still jobless self. Now, who would be the causalty of my frightening fury? Mum's blonde head peeked out from the stairwell, a concerned expression on her face. Perfect. Mum aggravated me enough as it was; needing to vent my anger would be a perfect excuse to yell at her.

My sadism never ended, did it?

"Hey honey, it's almost ten. Why are you still up?"

Well Mum; I'm holding the yellow pages, and have been talking about getting a job for the last week or two. Isn't it kind of freaking obvious? Instead of voicing my thoughts, I spared my mother's feelings and replied with a curt and emotionless, "Jobless."

Mum nodded in sympathy, stepping into the living room. It was astonishing how different Mum and I looked. With her wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, Mum could've been a hooker as a teen, a definite beauty. Meanwhile, with my awkwardly overlapping skin-tones, and straight brunette hair never short of knots, I looked a little out of place. While Mum's features were elongated and defined, puberty still tortured me, granting me with half-defined, half-baby-face features. Needless to say, one would not conclude we were related from first glance.

"So," she began slowly, sliding into the seat in front of me. Our cozy dining room transformed into a chess board. The queen had made a sly move; I braced myself for the stupidity of my mother. "You're still looking for a job then, Avery?"

I nodded slowly, raising an eyebrow in confusion. Even my bonehead of a mother could see that I'd established my still being jobless. This was moronic in new levels. "Why?" I asked, curiosity burning my tongue. Mum had spiked my interest. The queen slid forward, making her next bold move.

"Let's just say I've got an offer that pleases," she paused to wink at me, sliding a piece of paper across the table to me in a very professional manner. I frowned; had she been holding the paper this whole time? She continued, leaning forward as if to confide a secret. "Both of our needs."

I glanced between my entrepreneur-like mother (although I had no idea where this behavior had come from) and the intriguing piece of paper before me. Mum knew how to tease; what offer from my mother could please both our needs? She needed me to get out of the house, and I needed something to do while outside the house. We coincided with each other; the only possible resolution was a job for me, or a boyfriend for her.

Mum wasn't the most charming person to walk the Earth. Job for me it was.

I inhaled, wondering if my decision would bite me in the butt later on. "I'm listening."
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