May I Have Your Name?

Hey Guys! This has nothing to do with One Direction, I apologize. Bit this is about a girl, her name is Erica. She was seventeen when she was drinking under Age an hit a deer while driving. She has been in a coma for over three months. Her parents gave up on her living, and that is all I will tell you. Read on and enjoy the ride that life is!


3. Where am I?

They worked and he dear got away. But I wasn't paying attention to a turn sign. I tried the breaks again but I ended up running into a tree! I remember my head jerking and that was it. I know my leg was bleeding badly. Then I blacked out. I remember waking up in a hospital bed.
"Where am I!" I yelled as I sat up quickly.
A lady in a nurse uniform came over and lauds me back down.
"Your in a hospital," she said "and you lot alot or blood. Please relax."
A doctor came in happy to see I was ok and awake. He started to ask me questions.
"Do you know your name?"
"Your parents?"
"Oh dear" he mumbled to himself
"Um, excuse me? What's wrong with me?"
"You have somewhat lost your memory."
"Oh, I think my name is Erica."
"I dont know the answer to your other question..?"
"Okay. Get some rest. I'll run some tests later. And you will be in a cast for a month and a half."

Kayla's POV

Erica said she wouldn't be in today so I need Lynn's help in the bakery. I need more fondant more butter cream etc. but where is Lynn!?!
Bella is expecting a big cake by tomorrow! RAUGGHH! I grab what fondant we have and the rest of the butter cream.

Lynn's POV

Kayla mentioned fondant and butter cream so I took the time to get her more. I hope she's not spazzing on the cake again! I got a text saying Erica can't come in for a while. Great! Just wonderful! But I'll do what I can.
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