May I Have Your Name?

Hey Guys! This has nothing to do with One Direction, I apologize. Bit this is about a girl, her name is Erica. She was seventeen when she was drinking under Age an hit a deer while driving. She has been in a coma for over three months. Her parents gave up on her living, and that is all I will tell you. Read on and enjoy the ride that life is!


2. Before the Crash.

Erica's POV

"Kay Im leaving!" I shouted to my mother
"Have fun!" she yelled back

I was heading off to a party, one of my friends were hosting it. I called my boss Lynn to tell her I won't be in the bakery tomorrow, I was planing on staying up late. I told myself only a few drinks, don't get drunk. *minuites later*
"Hey!" Bella said as I walked in.
"What's up?" I asked her
"Nothing much, here have a drink!" she said handing me a glass of wine.
"Thanks!" I replied "Hey where's Mia?" I questioned
"Getting ready as always!" she replied.
I walked over to where I always take off my shoes and slipped them off my feet. I made my way over to where the snacks were and grabbed some pretzels. Then Mia came down and hugged me. I am always the first to get to their parties and usually last to leave! But people soon started filling up the house.

Mia's POV

The house was filling quick! Good! We offered Erica to do some gymnastics for entertainment instead of looking for a band! She agreed! She was skinny and had long straight blond hair. She was pretty! I had short straight brown hair and was skinny as well, I also enjoyed gymnastics but not as much as Erica. Same with my sister Bella! She had black wavy hair that was medium length, but she doesn't enjoy gymnastics as much as Erica and I.
*hours later*

Erica's POV

It was getting late and I thought I was sober enough to drive. Little did I know I should have listened to Bella and Mia. I said goodbye and drove off. Almost home I saw a deer in the road. I hit the breaks...
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