Harry she's yours

3 long years since me and Harry broke up and I left knowing I was pregnant with Kallie, Harry baby girl. Kallie runs to the ice cream shop with her brown bouncing curls and green eyes just like Harry's. wait! Could that be.. Harry at door with Kallie! What should I do, he doesnt know anything about her!


2. we'll make it through together!

After me and Harry tucked Kallie in bed when we got to my place, Harry wanted to talk about what happen befor Kallie was born and get things stright. I really wasnt up for it but I knew we had to get this stright, " I've said it once and I'll say it again I didnt cheat" Harry said as me and him sat on the couch. I could tell it was really bothering him and in was me too, what happen in the past was done and we were both ready to move on, " Harry you said you've never cheated on me but how do I know that for sure" I said with dout in my voice, " If you love me the way you say you do then you should have problem knowing that I didnt, I know the world is mean and people are going to try to stand in the way but together babe, you, Kallie and I can get throught their bull crap anyday!" I knew Harry was sure of himself and he knows what he's talking about. But what would the people, the fans, his mom and dad, and the band say, if they knew I kept this from Harry and his just finding out about everything. All of these questions were going through my head, what would it do to his fame, oh my goodness what am I going to do. " Stop that right now" Harry said looking right into my eyes, " what are you talking about" I asked as if I didnt know. " I know you to well, your thinking about what others are going to think baby it doesnt matter I dont care I have two beautiful girls in my life that Im going to take care of no matter what, my daughter comes first befor any fame and so does her mum" as I looked into Harry's eyes and saw that he ment what he said I knew that Kallie, Harry and I were going to be just fine. " I love you" I said with a smile as I sat in Harry's lap and laied aginst him, " I love you too babe" He said and kissed me on my neck and holding me close." Do you remember when we used to do this all the time and you would say horny things in my ear" asked Harry as he smiled and laughed, I turned to face him and giggle " Yes and I do recall you wearing a thong for me once befor" We both laughed and tickled each other." I think we should get some sleep so we can have all day to spend together" I said as we both got up and headed for the door, " What, no makeup sex " Harry said as he winked at and smiled " Maybe later when you were that thong for me" I said as we kissed and Harry headed out the door and it closed. Man, I missed those little dirty talks we used to have and when we messed with each other it was so fun, I really didnt want Harry to leave I've missed him so much! As I take everything off and put on nothing but a t-shirt and leave my under wear on I hear the door bell ring. Who in the world, I thought to myself I open the door and there stood Harry, "What are you doing back here did you leave something" I asked wanting him to stay with me through out the night. " I've missed you so much, and I cant stand to be with out you for aonther second" He said as he picked me up and closed the door and shoved me onto the bed and started to kiss me every where and I like it I started to help take off his clothes and I think you know whats happen next.

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