Harry she's yours

3 long years since me and Harry broke up and I left knowing I was pregnant with Kallie, Harry baby girl. Kallie runs to the ice cream shop with her brown bouncing curls and green eyes just like Harry's. wait! Could that be.. Harry at door with Kallie! What should I do, he doesnt know anything about her!


8. Wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!

Im so scared something is going to go wrong, I keep telling myself nothing going to happen but still I think it. I got up that morning to find that Harry had already left to start getting ready, He knows I think its bad luck to see the bride on wedding day. He thinks its not true but he does it for me, I took a shower and woke Kallie and called the girls and my wedding planner and make-up and hairstylist, they all came after me and Kallie ate and we all got our make-up done and headed out to the door to the church to get ready. I got my dress on and saw my belly which held my beautiful baby that will be with me, Kallie and Harry, Harry sent me a note that said:

Baby its our wedding day and no matter what im glad I got you to be my wife and to have my kids. Baby you might think you dont look good in that wedding dress right now with our baby, but I know you have to be the most beautiful women in the world and I wouldnt have you any other way. I have to go now and try to keep Niall away from the snacks they have so we can finish getting ready. I love you Mrs.Styles! <3

I felt tears come down my face I had to stop because I didnt want to mess up my make-up. I looked at Kallie who looked as beautiful as ever, my wedding planner soon came in and told us it was time to go down stairs and start getting in line. I felt my daddy come by my side and kiss me and I could see where he had already been crying, and then I saw my mama who had a big smile on her face. This was a big chruch so the aile was very long and I could choose between then and there where to go but I made my mind up that I want to be Harry. Kallie which was our flower girl came down and I could Harry start to cry, but then when I hear the music that me and my daddy will walk down I then felt him crying and then me.( Please at this time if you can go on youtube and listen to butterfly kisses while you read this part start at 30 please.) We hear butterfly kisses and see everyone stand up and look at us, I tell my daddy as we start to walk " Daddy im still your little girl and will forever be " " I know babygirl, I know " he said " I want you to know I told your mama I wouldnt cry but I cant babygirl im sorry im losing you and I dont think I can. Your my little butterfly. " " Daddy you will never lose me I love you and dont cry daddy " I said as I saw my mama and my family and friends cry to. " Baby I can remember the day me and your mama brought you home, and the day you tried to walk, or the time you said daddy. When I gave you your first car I thought you where really gonna leave then but you stayed and when you brought home your first boyfriend, then I knew you would leave me then, and you Harry started dating things got rough and then you find out you where having a baby and I didnt know what to think and  when you had Kallie and brought her home she was the second best thing that ever happen and now your going to have another beautiful baby, you've grown so fast. I never knew you would grow up so fast and leave like this I thought you would always need me and your mama keeps telling me that your grown but your still that little three year girl that told me I was her prince and she was the princess I dont want to lose her, dont get me wrong I love Harry but your my baby, my baby! You told me i I was your number one and I would always be and I know Harry's your number one now but still please keep me in your heart somewhere babygirl " " I will daddy I will forever" " And now your getting married, and when I saw you in the bride room I felt week at the knees baby you look so beautiful just like your mother every day you look more and more like her and I dont know what to think now baby but to pray that you know what your doing and trust you to make it the best of things and now I have to let go " " Daddy I love you and your not gonna lose me I love you " He started to let go and whipping tears away when we made it to the place where he had to give me away I grabbed his arm and held on tight and gave my daddy a butterfly kiss. ( Pause) I knew this was hard on him I was his only baby girl and I know he didnt want to let go he held on tight through the whole walk and tried to smiled but failed at it.

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