Harry she's yours

3 long years since me and Harry broke up and I left knowing I was pregnant with Kallie, Harry baby girl. Kallie runs to the ice cream shop with her brown bouncing curls and green eyes just like Harry's. wait! Could that be.. Harry at door with Kallie! What should I do, he doesnt know anything about her!


12. Trouble!

Haley and I were in the studio were the boys where working on their new single take me home, and Haley and I where watching Holden and Kallie play. " So how is things with you and Louis " I asked " Well " Haley started to say something like she wanted to get some things off her chest but then change the subject " Haley you know you can tell me anything I am your friend and you know you can tell me.. right " I said boldly and looked into Haley's eyes they where forming tears and it hurt to see one of my best firends cry " Its Louis " Haley finally said in a quite voice and put her head in her hands " Honey what going on " I asked after I asked Paul to take the kids in another room. " I dont want to get pregnant and Louis wants a baby so bad right now and im not ready for one, and so he got mad cause I told him maybe we should stop trying to have a baby so soon and he didnt want to hear that so he told me .. he told me not to.. " Haley couldnt finish I looked at her as I felt tears running down my face just as tears where running down her's " Haley what did he tell you not to tell " I asked as I felt myself have anger towards Louis for making my friend feel this hurt. " He told me not to tell anyone that he rapped me after I told me that I wasnt ready for a baby, but please he was jrunk he didnt mean it please dont say anything " Haley begged at me, I felt so much hate towards Louis right now how could he do this to Haley. Thoughts ran through my mind and I wanted to so bad tell Louis a peace of my mind, but was it mine and Harry's falt that Louis wants a baby so bad Harry and I do kinda rub it in the boys faces that we have beautiful chlidren but still shouldnt give him the right to do stuff like this. The boys come in laughing and I wanted to beat Louis down " Hey baby " he saids to Haley while she smiles and removes the tears " Is everything okay love " Laim asked looking at me then back to Haley, I didnt say anything just moved closer to Haley I didnt want Louis touching her or to be around her. I guess my the mother within me was coming out I've always fought and stood up for the ones I love the most, " Yea everythings fine just girl talk " Haley says looking at me scared I might say something and she was rigth I was about to say something " Baby are you mad at someone did I do anything baby im sorry if I did " Harry says and hugs me tight and wraps his arms around me which made me smile " Its not you babe its someone else " I said looking stright at Louis who the moment I looked his way he knew what I was talking about and got a little upset " I cant believe you Haley " Louis says and stands up and moves aways from her " Im sorry but I had to tell someone I could believe you would do something like that " Haley said and started to cry again " Oh just shut up " he said and looked away " Why should she shut up Louis your the one who did it and was jrunk do it too " I said mad and was ready to punch the living crap out of him " You better not open her mouth again " Louis said to and Harry jumped up coming between us " You dont talk to my wife like that Lou, and baby whats going on why are you so upset " Harry said then grabbing my hands and kissing my lips. That boys knows how to swip a girl off her feet, " Your mate here babe got jrunk and .. " " Please dont say it " Haley begged me, I felt tears form in my eyes and I looked away from Harry and to Haley then Louis who was crying too. I shook my head in disblief and ran out the room to where Paul and my kids where I told Paul to please leave the room and make sure Louis and Haley along with the others would be okay, he looked at me and said okay and told me that I was a good person and to keep my head held high. I took those words to heart and cried even more holding my two wonderful kids.

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