Harry she's yours

3 long years since me and Harry broke up and I left knowing I was pregnant with Kallie, Harry baby girl. Kallie runs to the ice cream shop with her brown bouncing curls and green eyes just like Harry's. wait! Could that be.. Harry at door with Kallie! What should I do, he doesnt know anything about her!


5. It's gotta be you!

Its really seems as if me and Harry are going to be happy, our parents get along, our baby girl is happy and Harry loves her more than anything in the world. I look over to see Harry still alseep and this was Kallie's fourth week staying with both her grandparents back and to I wounder if either if she ever would come home and stay with me and Harry but we both want her to spend time with them as much as possible. Besides I enjoy being alone with Harry, he's got the key to my heart and knows it. Harry had made plans for the two of us, to go on a lovely dinner and a nice walk in the park, he even had a movie planned out and I loved it when he does things like this and he even went a bought me a nice tight dress with some high heels and as he handed to me he winks at me. I giggle and take from his hands and as I turn around he pops me on my butt and I grin and wink back him, as he beagins to laugh and show me his cute demples I love his demples! We stop by my mom's where Kallie is and check up on things, " When are you ready to come home my baby " I asked Kallie I miss her so much im not use to being without her very long. " Im not mommy" she says as she smiles at me, " But dont you want to be with daddy " Harry asked as he matched her smile she noddes " Then when do you want to come home and be with mommy and daddy baby girl " Harry asked as he picks her up and kisses her all over and starts to tickle her. Through her laugh she says " I want to stay with grandma and grandpa" " Okay love"  Harry says as he kisses her one more good time and sits her down, I kiss her and tell her I love her, Harry and I walk to the door and my dad comes and huges both me and Harry " You can come and get her after ya'll get back from your date " My dad says, " Thanks daddy love you" I say to him and grab Harry's hand and lead out the door. As Harry and I walk in this beautiful place, you could smell how wounderful the food was, " Harry baby where is everyone the place looks empty " I said and sat down at our table that was that looked so pretty, " Yes my love I know and I got the place to ourselves" Harry says as he kisses me with his sweey soft lips that just were made right for mine. " Really baby" I said and kissed him back, " Baby I think you and I have been through alot and we've known and been together for years and we even grew up together, I just want you to know I love you with all my heart and I want you to know that you and Kallie mean everything to me." " Yes Harry baby I know that and I love you too if not more, I love to look into your eyes and be able to see your love for me and I can that in Kallie's eyes too" I said and Harry got down on one knee and pulled out this big beautiful ring " Baby I love you and I dont think I can express myself eough to you and for you to really understand that I mean it when I say I love you. So would you make me the happest man alive and please marry me, I want more kids with you and I want to grow old together til death do us part" " Yes. YES YES a million times yes. I love you Harry Styles and your mine no matter what I love you and Kallie and thats all I need in this world" I said as me and him kissed like we've never kissed befor. When we went to pick up Kallie, she was fast asleep and I showed my parents what was one my left finger my mom jumped in happness and my dad well you know he was being a dad he was happy for Harry and I that we were happy but at the same time I was he's little girl and its hard to give up your kids. But me and Harry knew we were ment for eachother but I have been feeling a little sick, like I was pregnant again sick but im not sure I have to make a doctor's appointment and when I do I want to surpise Harry and this time im not running from anything.

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