Harry she's yours

3 long years since me and Harry broke up and I left knowing I was pregnant with Kallie, Harry baby girl. Kallie runs to the ice cream shop with her brown bouncing curls and green eyes just like Harry's. wait! Could that be.. Harry at door with Kallie! What should I do, he doesnt know anything about her!


11. Honeymoon~

I woke up in Harry's arms and smiled at him as he talked in his sleep which I found cute because Kallie does the same thing. Looked at Harry and ran my fingers through his hair and smiled everytime her would smile, I love him so much and im happy with my life we have two beautiful childern who I love with all of my heart and I know Harry does too. Then I felt this empty feeling inside me, I looked around and didnt see Kallie or Holden's crib then I remember that me and Harry are on our honeymoon I miss them very much so I grabbed my phone and skped with Haley " Hey there " Haley said as Louis joined her " Hey guys " " So hows the honeymoon well you tell me " I said and showed him Harry who was still alseep which made them laugh. " He's sleeping like Holden does " Louis said and showed me Holden who was sleeping just  like his daddy, on his belly spread out everywhere " Aww " I said almost crying " Now where's my Kallie " I said now crying but trying to smile and Haley waited on me to dry my tears befor she open the door to the room Kallie was sleeping in she slept just like me cruled up in the covers and sunggled into the pilow. " Thats my girl " I said getting teary eyed again " Okay I think you should get back to your honeymoon and have fun with Harry and enjoy the free time you have " Haley said " But skped me tonight " "Okay I will " I said and we hung up. I went to take a shower and right befor I got out I could feel hands on my body and I screamed to the top of my lugs and spun around to hit whoever had touched me, I turn and slip and almost fell out but those hands cought me and brought me to their lips and I could feel by the kiss its was Harry and we parted from our kiss I hit him playfully and laughed it off which he was laughing the whole time anyway. I kissed him and got out teasing him and watching him pout about me getting out as I smiled at him and while I was drying off and he finished his shower he soon tackled me and we made love and smiled it was just like old times, we were alone and making love every time we could and laughed and played around but when we leave we have to become mommy and daddy again there's nothing at all wrong with that but it was nice to have me and Harry time just like Haley said to enjoy it and thats just what me and Harry did. That night Harry and I call up Louis to see how him and Haley were holding " Its going great you Harry need to stay gone more so we can babysit I love having kids around " Said Louis as we all laughed I skped with Haley while Harry and Louis talked and I talked with me baby girl " I miss you mommy " Kallie said " Baby I miss you more " " I love you mommy good night " Kallie said and kissed the phone I kissed the phone too and Haley picked Holden up and held him to were I could see him " Hey my baby I love and miss you " I said almost in tears again and Harry pulled me to him to see Holden too " Hey there daddy's buddy " Harry said and got off the phone with Louis, you could see Holden wasnt really sure what he was looking at but when he saw his mommy and daddy his face lit up and he started talking grebrish( baby talk ) and it was so cute. After we got off the phone with Haley we went to bed because me and Harry were going shopping and having a nice dinner on the beach is what Harry said with a wink and kissed my neck and sung me to sleep.

After two weeks Harry and I were on our way to Haley and Louis's house and to pick up the kids, but Louis asked us to go home and unpack befor coming over because him and Haley wanted a little more time with them. I didnt agree to it but I went with I wanted my kids and I want them now I said to myslef and unpacked and then helped Harry unpacked. Harry and I soon pulled up to the Louis's house and I jumped out and ran to the door " Haley, Louis I want my kids " I said as Louis open the door with Holden his arms I quicky took him  out of his arms and kissed him as he laughed and spoke his baby talk and smiled Harry's smile while Kallie jumped into Harry's arms. We soon swopped kids and I took hold of Kallie and held her close just I did with Holden, " Mommy I missed you " she said " I missed you too baby girl " I said and walked her to the car as did Harry with Holden " Sorry mate would stay but I want to be with my wounderful kids and my beautiful wife " Harry said as Haley and Louis waved from their door so I ran up to them and hugged them both and then ran back to the car to be with my family that I couldnt live without!

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