Harry she's yours

3 long years since me and Harry broke up and I left knowing I was pregnant with Kallie, Harry baby girl. Kallie runs to the ice cream shop with her brown bouncing curls and green eyes just like Harry's. wait! Could that be.. Harry at door with Kallie! What should I do, he doesnt know anything about her!


3. Here we go again!

As I wake up in Harry's arms and him kissing me and holding me tight, I notice Kallie is sleeping right next to me in my arms. I looked at Harry and he giggled " She didnt see a thing and I put a shirt on you and me some boxers on befor I let her sleep the rest of the night we us" I smiled and giggled. It was a beautiful moment for me to see my little girl in mine and Harry's arms, she looked just like me when she slept but she looked like Harry when she smile and laugh. She had my strong will and Harry's energy, my big heart for others and Harry's love for everyone. Kallie woke up and saw me and smiled and said " Mommy where is my daddy" I looked at her and smiled as Harry look over my shoulder " Im right here baby girl" she moved out of my arms and in between me and Harry and kissed Harry and I on the check and snuggled into Harry's arms and fell fast asleep. I wanted to cry because in my heart I know now she was more happy with a farther than without, Harry smiled and said " Haha she's her daddy's girl" and then he winked at me, " Oh really " I said and rolled my eyes " You didnt carry her for nine months" he looked at me and kissed me and said " Even though you did, she still ours and you two are my world and I love you with all my heart!" I kissed him back and said " Babe I knew my mother was right" Harry looked at me like what, " What do you mean baby" Harry said " I mean my mother said you were the one for me and I think she's right" I said as I got up and winked at him. " I know im the one for you because no one can stand your cooking "" What Harry Styles my cooking is just fine" He smiled and laughed, he picked Kallie up and took her to her room and kissed her. I come into the living room after I put on some underwear and turn on the t.v to channle 6 news. I see mine and Kallie's picture on the t.v screen. " Harry" I said as I sat down on the couch, he came in and was shocked at what he saw. They were bring up the past and didnt mind reminding me about what happen, News reported: Harry Styles, ring a bell? The young girls of the world are going crazy over this boy and his band called One Direction. Even though this young guy may seem cute and cheeky he does have a bit of past that some of you dont know about. This young star dated a young girl for five years and then broke it off because of his fame. Now some say thats not the reason why they broke it off the young girl Harry dated was caught up with in 2009 to see what her thoughts where about this and this is what she had to say. " I dont want to talk about Harry he cheated on me thats all why cant you people just go away" News reported: Now we all can see why she felt that way but thats not what Harry said his view was that she didnt wont him anymore and that the pictures where cropped and that he didnt cheat. Well lets fast forward to now and see where their lives are now, our crew saw Harry and his ex-girl friend at the ice shop and a little girl was with them. Our crew saids that they were crying and playing with the little girl, did Harry's ex keep something way from him or did they  keep her hid from us, and if so why, maybe Harry and his ex are back together and is the little girl Harry's. All these questions are here and only Harry and his girl can answer so Harry if your listening is it true? I'll see you next time viewers.

I turn the t.v off and looked at Harry and closed my eyes." I didnt want this to happen, Im sorry Harry I still should have told you about Kallie" Harry came over to me and held me " Baby crap happens and we just got to move on, remember we'll make it through babe." Harry was right if I dont let them get to me then mine and Harry's love for each other will grow stonger. Kallie is in our lives and we need to be with each other and needed to be a family, me and Kallie pack our things and move in with Harry and we were happy about things too.We were really looking like a family.

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