Harry she's yours

3 long years since me and Harry broke up and I left knowing I was pregnant with Kallie, Harry baby girl. Kallie runs to the ice cream shop with her brown bouncing curls and green eyes just like Harry's. wait! Could that be.. Harry at door with Kallie! What should I do, he doesnt know anything about her!


6. Doctor's news and the wedding plans!

I woke up and made breakfest for Harry and Kallie, I called my mom to come back a get Kallie so I can go to the doctors while Harry is at the studio recording with the boys. I told my mom about how I felt and told her that I think im pregnant she smiled and kissed me and took Kallie to school for me, I came into the doctors office and checked in with the nurse at the counter and soon after she called me back and the doctor made me pee in a cup. After about 20 mins which felt like it took forever the doctor came in and smiled at me and told me the must beautiful thing and said I was pregnant, I was thrilled and hoped that Herry would be too. I kept thinking about Kallie Harry had giveing me Kallie, the big ring on my finger, a life together that will be the most amazing thing ever and then our little baby he/she, mine and Harry's second baby. I went home and saw that Harry was home, back from the studio and I smiled one of my biggest smiles and headed inside, as I came in I see Harry laying on the couch and tying to get some sleep befor having to go back into the studio, I lay over the top of him and kiss his sweet tasting lips and he smiled and rubbed my back " Baby there's something I need to tell you baby" I said and kinda scared at what he would say, " Oh yea babe tell me" Harry said as he open his eyes and we both sit up " I have some big news I hope you'll be as happy as I am " " Im sure I will babe" He said as he kissed me and sat me in his lap. " Harry, I knew this is right at our wedding and we have Kallie but baby im pregnant agian" I said as fast as I could and then looked at him who had the biggest smile and happiest look on his face, Harry and I stood  up and he picked me up and spun my around and kissed me and yelled to the top of his lungs " Baby are you sure and did you go to the doctor " " Yes baby I did and he said I was Harry we're going to have a baby!" we went and picked up Kallie early from school and told her " Baby girl me and mommy are going to have baby" Harry said she looked at me and Harry then smiled " Your going to be a big sister Kallie" I said and kissed her head " I know mommy" " I love you Kallie and remember you will always be my baby girl" She smiled and went to play with her toys. I called my mom and Harry called his we told the boys and they all were thrilled just as much as we were. Me and Harry's sister, his mom, and my mom and my best friend Mary who was my maid-of-honor went dress shopping. Since the wedding was only in three months I still had alot of things to do, I went ahead and got my dreamed  wedding dress the Tulle ball gown, strapless curved neckline, shear alencon lace bodice with beaded and embroidered overlay cascading down skirt, dropped waist, gathered tulle skirt, chape train, was my dreamed dress and it was beautiful and fit me so well, the braid maids dresses were Chiffon and satin dress with crystal beading, sequins. Cocktail length, the color was hot pink with a beautiful green ribbon that fit around the waste and show off the girls skin and color so good and my made-of-honor had the same dress but with a more crystal beading, Harry and the boys went with the dad's to fit their tuxs  that Harry order. The tux showed off their skin as well and showed how buffed thier are. I wanted to see Harry in his tux but I wanted to wait till the wedding day, me and Harry kissed and huged eachother everyday and spent as much time with Kallie and eachother as we could. I had planed my hair to be half up and half down with curls and a cute sparkles in my hair, while the braid maids and maid-of-honor choose their own hair style. I was so tired and I havent even begain to start the deal tails on the wedding I just wanted to sleep and Harry helped me do just that, he was tired too but I was feeling sick because of the baby and he did everything for me. He even sung me to sleep and kissed my neck and tucked in Kallie I dont know what I'd do without him, him, Kallie and the baby are the best thing thats ever happen to me I think God for them every day. I love them!

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