Harry she's yours

3 long years since me and Harry broke up and I left knowing I was pregnant with Kallie, Harry baby girl. Kallie runs to the ice cream shop with her brown bouncing curls and green eyes just like Harry's. wait! Could that be.. Harry at door with Kallie! What should I do, he doesnt know anything about her!


4. Coming clean and love doesn't die!

I got up out of bed and looked around mine and Harry's room, I thought to myself that now I can get my life back on track and that me and Harry can face the crowed and our moms and dads and come clean about everything. I put my face in my hands because we had only a few hours befor we needed to get ready to meet up with both our moms and dads, and then later the talk show that im still not sure I want to go on, but Harry saids he'll have my back no matter what happens. " Hey, baby you need to lay back down and take it easy because stressing over today isn't  going to help you with anything " Harry saids has he sits up and wraps his arms around me and kiss my neck, " I know babe but still I want the world to know the truth but what if .." Harry cuts me off and tells me that I need to chill and not worry what they think. I know he's right but it still doesnt make it any better for me, I love him and Kallie and I dont want to people to think any other way. " Now lets just go back to sleep and then I'll make breakfest and we'll take one step at a time okay" Harry saids as he kisses me and I nod my head yes and lay down and sunggle into his chest. " Mommy, daddy " Kallie saids as she wakes me and Harry up and jumps up and down on our bed, and falls into my lap " Are we going to see grandma and grandpa today" "Yes baby girl we're going to see both of your grandma and grandpa" Harry saids as he rubs my back and lets me know that he's there every step of the way. " I have two grandmas and grandpas " Kallie asked with a shocked look on her face, I giggle and kiss her on the check and got up and start to lay her colthes out on the bed then mine. Harry plays with Kallie a bit and then starts to cook breakfest while I give Kallie her bath, she runs out the bath room and laughs going to her room and waiting on me, Harry and I laugh because all you can see is her little butt checks running through the house. I put Kallie's colthes on her and then we eat Harry wounderful breakfest, Kallie then went to the chair in the living room and fell asleep watching wounder pets. I jump in the shower and get done washing I let the hot water run on my body, when I feel hands wrap around my waste I jump and looked at Harry who was laughing at my reaction. " Thats not funnny baby" I said still trying to calm my nerves, " Im sorry baby but I had to do it, I love you" He saids with a smile on his face and pulling me closer to his strong body, I feel that he wants me, but we had Kallie in the living room and she would hear us. " I love you too but Harry we have Kallie in the next room she would hear us" I said as I wrapped my arms around his body, " No she wont baby I turned the t.v up plus she's fast asleep, she wont wake till we get ready to leave" He saids with a smile on his face, he had it all planned out. I winked him and said " Oh really, well Mr.Styles do you think I will let you come onto me like that" " You have befor, so come on get it baby" He saids as we laugh at us playing parts has if we were in a love moive. I think you know what happens next, after that I hugged Harry and kissed his sweet lips as the hot water fall onto my back, and Harry still wanting more, " I have to get dress baby, but wait till tonight and your gonna get bad" said has I bit his lip and let him feel on me, " Dang baby please lets do it one more time" He saids as he touches my hot spot. Finally when we get out of the shower we get dress and wake Kallie so I could brush her hair and then we headed out the door, Kallie went back to sleep and as we reached our car the we see flashes of people who where taking our pictures. When we got in the car Harry grabbed my hand and kissed it, we headed into the traffic and met his mom and dad along with my mom and dad at my parents house. " Hey mama, I've missed you" I said when I hugged my mom and then my dad and then I kissed them both and went to get Kallie out the car, Harry went and hugged his mom and dad and exchanged hello's. I walked up to Harry's parents and hugged them both when Harry took Kallie and my mom saids " Lets go in befor some one thinks its okay to take pictures of all of us" so we all went in. We sat down and Kallie was still in Harry's arms, " Well, we can see that your not just boyfriend and girlfriend anymore your mom and dad now" My dad said he wasnt to happy about us being parents. " Daddy please let me and Harry explain things to you, and remember we dont have to be here, we can walk out the door any time we want please give us a chance" I said getting mad back at my dad, I had his temper and its wasnt good when we both showed it. " Please, I think we should give our kids some understanding and attendtion they are grown" Harry's mom says." My daughter is only 19" My mom saids " Im 21 thank you mom and please can we not start Kallie needs her grandparents to get along and be happy" " We dont have to let her see either of you, so just stop" Harry saids as Kallie woke up and looked around. Everyone stop and looked at Kallie as if she was the most beautiful thing they've ever seen, " Thats our grandbaby" Harry's mom saids looking at my mom and they almost cried both mine and Harry's dad's were tearing up too and sat down, " Can I hug her " Harry's mom says picking Kallie up and hugging her tight and then everyone else, Kallie came to sit in my lap and looked them " Are you my two grandmas and grandpas" she asked smiling, they begain to giggle and then Harry's dad saids " She even as Harry's smile" " But my daughter's grace" My dad adds. " Yes we are baby" My mom saids Kallie smiles and then lookes at me and Harry, " Can she stay with us while ya'll go on the talk show please" asked one of them " As along as all of you get along" Harry saids. " Its fine with us " I said and we kissed Kallie bye and headed for the show. I checked my makeup, my hair and found everything wrong with me, " You looked beautiful baby" Harry smiles and giggles at me. As we enter the bulting I see people sitting in the crowed and I felt sudden sickness come over me, " Harry do you always feel this way befor you go on stage" I asked as I lead my head on his shoulder " Yes and no but baby remember you got me" He smiles and kisses me. " Your on in five" one of the people back stage saids, Talk show host: Good morning viewers I hope your morning is off to a good start, well today we're going to have on the show two of the most talked about couples in the world, Harry Styles and ______  they are going to come clean and answer questions for us today. Ladies and gentlemen, here they are. ( The crowed clapps and screams out our names) Me and Harry sit down holding hands and I can feel my checks turn red but Harry grips my hands to let me know that I have him. Talk show host: So Harry and _______  how are yall getting along? " I think we're doing good and growing stronger everyday" Harry saids as the crowed awws at us and I smile. But tell me, didnt you feel a little hurt when she left you? " Yea it did hurt but when I saw her at the ice shop I feel even harder for her" Harry saids kissing my hand. And how did you feel Mrs. Styles when you left and did you feel gulity or anything at all? " Of course I felt bad and a little gulity about not telling Harry I about the preganancy but I was under so much pressure and everyone looked at me when the saw a new picture of Harry in the news papaers. I didnt want our daughter in that drama and im not mrs.styles yet. Thats something we can underdstand but what were you going to do if you and Harry didnt meet that evening and your daughter didnt have a farther? " Oh I didnt really know at the time I just kinda put it off and then I prayed about it and when I picked Kallie up that day something told me to go to the ice cream shop" " Plus I left something there so I had to go back, I wanted the love of my life I cried every day and now I have her and my daughter and nobody is going to take this happiest from me, I was mad at first then I seen that this was my chance to change things around so I took it " Harry added. Wow and see this the kind of love I like to see in people and Kallie she so cute we have a picture of yall that was tooked in the park you were at and man does she look like Harry, the hair, the eyes and even the demples, but I got one last question befor I let you go, are you two getting married and will there be more kids? " Well, I would like to marry Harry but we both talked about how we're not ready we just started dating again and yes we live together because we love Kallie and eachother very much, but we want to wait" I said as I looked at Harry who agreed with me, " And if and when we do we will let all of you know but we need to take one step at a time and love doesn't die when two people really love eachother" Harry says and we both smile and kiss, Well thats the end of the show viewers thanks for watching and we'll be keeping up to date with your most talked about couple. See you next week.  Me and Harry leave the show and get in the car " Do you feel better baby that you got everything in the open and now that everyone knows" Harry says " Yes I do babe" I said. " Good im glad baby" Harry saids a kisses me. I call my mom and she said that Harry's mom is wanting to keep Kallie for the night and they even went and bought tons of colthes for Kallie, Harry said yes with a big smile and reminded me of what I said this morning about tonight. I laughed and told them it was cool to keep her, and when me and Harry got home he threw me over his shoulder and we ran into the house and stayed there all night.

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