Harry she's yours

3 long years since me and Harry broke up and I left knowing I was pregnant with Kallie, Harry baby girl. Kallie runs to the ice cream shop with her brown bouncing curls and green eyes just like Harry's. wait! Could that be.. Harry at door with Kallie! What should I do, he doesnt know anything about her!


10. Baby number 2 is here!!

3 weeks, me and Harry have been married and its amazing but we havent gone on our honeymoon because of Holden our son that will be here at any given moment and I think Harry is more ready for him than I am. Holden Edward James Styles, as a nice ring to it doesnt it, well Holden I stole from one of my best friends and Edward from Harry's middle name, and James from Liam and Niall two of mine and Harry's friends. Liam and Niall both were thrilled at the fact me and Harry wanted to put their middle name, " Harry! Harry!! " I screamed " This is all your going, you did this to me " I cried because of the pain Holden was putting me through " Mrs. Styles you have four more pushes and your son will be here " the doctor said, Harry kissed my forehead and held my hand as I cried because I was hurting so bad Kallie never put me through so much pain, I could walk around with Kallie while I was in labor with her and I did but with Holden coming it was way different. " Two more Mrs.Styles " I hear the doctor say and I feel a tear drops on my cheek I look up and see Harry crying his heart out " Harry " I said gripping his hand tighter " Im here my love " He says through his tears " I love you Harry " I said in pain " I love you so too baby " He says and kisses my cheek " Harry" I said looking up at him " This is it " " Push push Mrs.Styles " I hear the doctor yell over my screaming, and within seconds Harry and I hear the most beauitful cry it was out son Holden and I see the nurses whip him off and buddle him up, then hands him to Harry who is crying even more, I crying even harder not because of the pain but because of this love thats just swips over me and I see my son and my Harry, my husband. I soon pass out because of exhaustion, Hours after I wake up and see Harry asleep on the couch and my beautiful baby boy asleep beside me in his own little bed. " Hey beautiful " I look up and see Harry walking towards me and gets in bed with me and holds me tight " Hey babe " I said and smile putting my head on Harry chest " He as your as your curls Harry " I giggled looking over at our baby with a head full of hair dark brown just like his parents. " Our babies are beautiful just like their mother " Harry says and kisses my neck, Holden begains to cry so Harry got up and handed him to me, the first time I got to hold Holden he soon then stops crying looking up at me " He as my eyes " I said with a big smile on my face " the nurse comes in and says" Good your awake and holding Holden, its feeding time " she smiles and helps me. " Wow he's starving " I said as I feed Holden, " Yay! He has his uncle Niall's appite " I hear Niall say as he walks in the room " Sorry dear I know your feeding but I really wanted to see the baby befor any of the other see him " Niall says while Harry smiles hugging him and them both laughing. Soon after I Holden got done eating he went back to sleep and the boys came along with the girls along with mine and Harry's parents and they each passed Holden around and took pictures, even with all the people in the room I fell asleep I was so tired.

Months passed and Holden was trying to crawl and Harry would always tell Kallie she was his little girl and that good big sisters help with their little brothers and Kallie liked that idea and smiled big at me and Harry every time she would kiss Holden. Holden and Kallie both have Harry's eyes but Holden as my attuide he was a spit fire meaning he didnt take crap, when Kallie would try to take a toy away from Holden he would scream at her. Holden was trying to cralw and he kind of fell on his tummy and it made him cry Louis and the guys where with us that night so Louis got up and kissed Holden " Have no fear Unlce Louis is here " Louis said picking up Holden making him smile and laugh which made all of us laugh. Uncle Niall can I have the last chip please " Kallie said in Niall's lap, Niall looked like he was about to cry but he gave in and let Kallie have his last chip, we looked  at Niall like wow. " What " He asked " She said please " " I said please last time and you said no " laughed Laim " and Niall threw the chip bag at him. I love seeing my life like this and I kept thinking how wounderful my life is and the love that is flowing through me, I see my kids laughing and having fun and my husband who just gave me everything I've ever wanted, soon after everyone left, Harry and I put Holden and Kallie in bed and kiss them both goodnight, we headed to our bedroom. I feel Harry wrap his arms around me and I can feel his hot breath on my skin " Babe " He said kisses my neck and shoulder " Yes " I said with a grin " Now that Holden to a little older we can go on our honeymoon " Harry said we got in bed and cuddle up to each other " That sounds great I said with a grin and fell asleep along with Harry.

I kissed Holden and Kallie goodbye as me and Harry went to go on the plain while Louis and Haley took care of Kallie and Holden for two weeks. " Come on babe we have to get on, and you've kissed them for the 20th time now " Harry said smiling and giggling " I know Harry but their my babies " I said almost in  tears " Their mine too " Harry said smiling big at the fact that he was the farther of my kids. I heard Holden cry as I turn to look at them one more time and Harry had to hold me back because  I was about to jump off and take Holden and Kallie in my arms " Baby Louis as him Holden will be fine " Harry said as he lead me to our sits. " Know but this is the first time I have to leave him alone I wont be able to hold him for two weeks " I said letting a tear coming down my cheek, Harry puts his arm around me and kisses me in front of everyone one the plain. That did make me feel better, we soon get to the this big beautiful flat that was mine and Harry's for two weeks, " You know what I want to try first " Harry said with a wink and I wink back at him and we both raced to the bedroom and stayed there the rest of the night.

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