Harry she's yours

3 long years since me and Harry broke up and I left knowing I was pregnant with Kallie, Harry baby girl. Kallie runs to the ice cream shop with her brown bouncing curls and green eyes just like Harry's. wait! Could that be.. Harry at door with Kallie! What should I do, he doesnt know anything about her!


1. Kallie meets her dad.

well its been three long years since me and Harry broke up. Its really wasnt his falt I guess he didnt cheat or so he says.Maybe I should have trusted him more but with all the drama it was hard to, everywhere I went I saw Harry's picture with another girl and she just wasnt a fan she was more.The things the people were saying was unreal and it hurt and I couldnt take it anymore.So I left, and I kept something from Harry well, a big something it was our little girl Kallie, she's three years old now and just starting her first day of pre-k.She's growing up so fast, I hate that Harry isnt here to see her but I didnt want Kallie to get hurt, to be caught up in that drama it wouldnt have been right for Kallie." Mommy, mommy" I turn to see Kallie running towards me yelling for me, with her brown curls bouncing as she runs and as I look into her eyes, those big green eyes I can see Harry, I see Harry in her more and more everyday." I made you this mommy" she said as she handed me a heart shaped paper with her name in the middle and her marker marks all over it, " Oh its beautiful baby jsut like you" I said as I kissed her and held her till we got to our car and in put her in her car seat. " Did you have a good first day baby" " yes mommy I played on the play ground and took a nap, but I didnt like the nap" " why didnt you like the baby" I said with a smile knowing what she was going to say " because mommy I dont need no nap" she said as she a smile showing her demples just like her farther's. " Lets go get some ice cream Kallie " and I hopped in the car and droved to the ice cream shop, I notice Kallie had already unstrapped herself and was ready to get out, as I parked her jumped out and ran to the door and waited on me, I shook my head I really wish she didnt have so much of Harry's energy, she would in run around crazy if I would let her. I got out and saw these five guys coming out the door and one sees Kallie and starts talking to her, he had brown curly hair and demples from what I could see as got closer I see the guy ask Kallie something and she points to me, he looks up and looks back at Kallie. Wait! Could that be Harry! Oh my goodness it cant be I rush to Kallie's side and the guys stands up and looks stright into my eyes the smile on his face goes away as Harry sees that it is me. " Mommy, mommy can I go play on the play ground" Kallie asked as she pulls on my arm " Yes baby go head" I tell her not takeing my eyes off Harry, me and Harry both sit down and Harry looks at me, I could tell he was in shock just as much as I was. " So are you married" Harry asked with a worried look and tells the rest of the boys he'll see them later and I shake my head no, I felt tears running down my face and Harry pulls me close and said " Hey love, whats wrong you can tell me" " Harry" I said in anger " My baby girl belongs to you" I pull away from Harry putting my face in my hands." No she cant be we havent done anything since three years ago" he look mad as ever " Kallie's three now Harry" I wasnt sure on how to go about this but I knew right now me and Harry were letting out feelings that was from three years ago." And three years ago you left me why didnt you tell me I could've helped and now she dosent know who the hell I am now" he said and I cried even harder and I knew he was too, " I know but Harry I didnt want Kallie to be in all that drama" " I never cheated on you I loved you and I still love you, you cant really think that I would do that no matter who said what I stayed fathfull" he said as he whips tears from his eyes that were coming down now like rain. " Im sorry I should've listen but you were away and when you came back that one last time befor I left and we made love to each other, when you left I found out that I was pregnant and I got scared" I said after we both got calmed down. I told Harry to day was Kallie's first day of pre-k and he smiled and called her over, I looked at him kinda funny not sure what he was going to do, " Do you want ice cream Kallie" he asked her as she looked at his curls and then hers she shook her head yes and then he stood up and so did I " Harry what are you doing " " Im bying my daughter some ice cream" he said as he picked her up and headed to the counter. We spent hours with Harry and I watch Kallie and Harry play and he even  went on the slide that Kallie was scared of and that slide was way to small for him but it was still sweet to see him playing. Harry even got to Kallie to help him tickle me just so he could still a kiss from me, Harry took us to the park and we had more fun there than we did at the ice cream shop and Kallie was having the time of her life and Harry even wanted to talk about getting back together. I thought about and just as the sun was setting Harry and I sat Kallie on my lap and covered her up so she could see the sun go down and Harry puts his arm around me.Kallie looked at us befor going to sleep and asked Harry who he was, I looked at Harry worried we both forgot that Kallie still didnt know that Harry was her dad, " well baby" I said befor Kallie cuts me and off " Are you my daddy" she asked and I looked at Harry and smiled " What makes you think Kallie " Harry smiled at her " cause me and you have the same curls and eyes" she knows what she's talking about I thought to myself  " Yes baby I am your daddy" Harry saids with the biggest smile on his face and I could helped to smile, Kallie kisses Harry in the check and says " I knew you come"  I started to cry as she feel asleep. " Harry im sorry I kept her from you" he turns and kisses me and I kissed him back " I still love you" he saids " I love you too" I said in between the kisses.

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