I'm Slowly Going Nuts

Okay, this is sort of a humor movella (or humour, if you're not American) about me. This is all about why people think I'm crazy.
And I guess I am.


1. These Strange Little Stuffs

I swear, I'm going crazy.

People drive me nuts. Boys are perverts and girls are catty and some people...are aliens.

Seriously. I have proof. They're not like anyone else, which I guess would make them crazy, but--okay, who eats sandwiches with forks (besides me)?

Okay, if you raised your hand, I'm sorry, but YOU ARE AN ALIEN.

Sad but true.

Jupiter, possibly Pluto, maybe Venus. Definitely Neptune.

And folks-- you have your own planet, what are you doing on ours??


Yes, people drive me crazy. But I have good reasons. For example, why am I *one of* the only people in my Health class that care about my grades? I mean, I want to get all A's. And when I'm put in groups, I'm doing work, and people are goofing off.

DO YOU WANT TO GET AN F?? MAYBE A D. OR (best case) A C-? C? C+???

And so when I *politely* yell at people to shut up and start working, they call me mean and uptight. I'M NOT. IT'S CALLED BEING SMART AND HAVING GOOD WORK ETHIC.


And I'm sorry--for asking you *politely* *somewhat* to get work. But that's only because I care about you. I want you to succeed in life. Truly, I do. But I want me to succeed more.


So, yes. Oh, and I'm sorry if I have offended you in anyway. (I seem to do that to people a lot. But I'm not mean. They're just too sensitive.) But don't you people read blurbs? This is a rant. And I'm done for the night, since it's almost ten PM and I'm not going to be able to get up in the morning.


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