I'm Slowly Going Nuts

Okay, this is sort of a humor movella (or humour, if you're not American) about me. This is all about why people think I'm crazy.
And I guess I am.


4. The Ramblings of a Psychopath.

Okay. Wow. I haven't written in a really long time... been busy. With stuff.

I hate a lot of things. I admit it. Seriously, I do.

BUT. One thing I hate with an EXTREMELY BURNING PASSION IS::: cliches.

Believe me, I use cliches. When I'm writing, I try not to, but usually they creep in anyway. So, if you're one of those people that use cliches, YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE. (And you're not allowed to get mad at me for yelling at you slightly. I'm yelling at myself too.)


Cliches. (And I don't know how to make the accent thing, or *ex-on-de-goo* {that's what it sounds like, don't know how to spell it} or whatever.) ANYWAY. Cliches are just that. Cliches. They DO NOT happen in real life.

(Please, I'm being serious, no sarcasm: comment below if a cliche has happened to you.)

Example A:

Completely UGLY, UNPOPULAR, UNTALENTED, REPULSIVE (in her own mind) gets the UTTERLY GORGEOUS, ATHLETIC, POPULAR, "bad boy" that has girls literally tripping over their feet to BE NEAR HIM. And no other guy has shown interest in the girl before. In fact, they find her stupid, ugly, and completely unnoticeable. All except for our "bad boy" over here, no, HE realizes her INNER BEAUTY and her SUDDEN OUTER BEAUTY as well. And they start going out and suddenly all sorts of boys notice her. LIKE WHAT THE FLARF???

No. That does not happen. (Or, at least, I've NEVER seen it happen.)

How it really would happen, with the SAME RESULT (of boy&girl going out):

Girl is somewhat aware of her own inner and outer beauty; she HAS had guys like her before. (Note: She is NOT a friendless/boyfriendless APE.) Guy (new or not) takes notice of her. Yada, Yada, Yada, they start dating. END OF STORY.

I'm sorry. Maybe this does happen somewhere. Mainly the "friendless-ugly-trainwreck" part of it is hard to believe. Really. I HAVE AN EASY SOLUTION FOR FRIENDLESS PEOPLE. I know, you always hear about people with no friends, et cetera. BUT IF THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM, WHY DON'T THEY JUST BECOME FRIENDS WITH EACH OTHER????

I know there are at least ten "outcasts" at my school. Well, if you're one of those "outcasts", here's nine friends for you!


Example B:

POPULAR, PRETTY, TALENTED Cheerleader/Dancer/(insert school extracurricular activity here, but most commonly those two, at least in the books I've read) has AMAZING, HANDSOME, also TALENTED athletic boyfriend. Girl meets RESIDENT MYSTERIOUS "OUTCAST" and realizes he is SOOO HANDSOME, HOT, and SOO MUCH MORE AMAZING THAN HER BOYFRIEND, etc. So girl drops boyfriend and dates "new guy."

(I swear I'm visualizing at least six books right now.)


Girl has Boyfriend. She meets New Guy and is intrigued by him (or creeped out by him, as the case may be) but stays with her current boyfriend because she LIKES him. Their relationship is fine.


I'm sorry. Honestly, I am, if I've offended ANYONE, in any way/shape/form . But I thought I should get that out there.


Soo.. Comment! Tell me what you think about cliches in general. Books you read like this. I like romance stories. I really do. So, if you know any *love* stories that AREN'T completely cliche-ridden, then PLEASE comment and I'll check them out. You can comment movellas, too!!! :)


Cliches. I HATE THEM. Get it? Got it? Good(Bye.)



***Edit: I'm not insulting books. (Directly.) And I'm not insulting characters. I'm in love with my share of book characters. And I am also a firm believer that "Perfect Guys Are Found Only In Books." (That may be a cliche in itself. I don't know.) Well. IRONY!!!


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