I'm Slowly Going Nuts

Okay, this is sort of a humor movella (or humour, if you're not American) about me. This is all about why people think I'm crazy.
And I guess I am.


2. Grammar.

Okay, let's talk about GRAMMAR.

Where to start, where to start.

*Clears throat*

Okay, I admit it, I do not use perfect grammar 100% of the time, but I try. And yes, sometimes we accidentally mess up, or get confused, etc.

but,, thatdoesnt mean your free too keep making that mistake?


Just a few days ago, someone in my class used improper grammar to correct someone's grammar. And then someone else said, "That's even WORSER grammar!"

And I swear they weren't kidding.

*this is the point where I would go, FACEPALM if I did that sort of thing.*

And I understand, yes, sometimes you don't feel like pressing the shift button, especially if you're texting, it's easier to go its and i and ur.

But not if you're writing an essay!! (And yes, people in my class do the improper grammar thing, mixing up your and you're and they're their and there, but please go over your work.

Also, I understand if sometimes you forget, and either spell something wrong, or use improper grammar and don't realize it. But then, after you're done writing the essay, maybe you should GO OVER IT.

Or have someone go over it for you.

Works every time, I promise.

Okay bye y'all.


**also, Movellians are very helpful, so they will tell you if you use improper grammar or something in a story.**

***also there is that little red squiggly underline thing or green squiggly underline thing.***

****I'm sorry if I used improper grammar somewhere in any of my stories or rants, but just remember it's because I'm so mad I can't type, not anything else. Also, as I said before, I make mistakes too. That would be very ironic.****

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