Never Regret something that Once made you Smile (sequel to From a Nightmare to a Dream)

This is the sequel to From a Nightmare to a Dream. I highly suggest you read that first so you understand why and what is happening.
The last book left off with Lisamarie and Brendon still together. Niall and Demi broke up, Lisamarie lives with Brendon now, and there are going to be some big changes and decisions Lisamarie will have to make. Could a package she receives one day change it all?
Where does Niall and the boys play into this? You'll have to read and find out.


5. Turning things Around

"Hey Niall." I whispered. But he wouldn't look at me. "Psttt, Niall." I whispered a little louder. Then I poked his thigh. But he still wouldn't look at me. Then I poked his side and he squirmed a little, but still no acknowledgement. "Hey Niall can you help me please?" I said in a normal voice, so everyone was looking now. I could tell he felt pressured to answer now.

"With what?" He asked, but of course still not looking at me.

"The closet in my old room is bothering me and I know you're pretty handy with things." I said standing up and walking towards the room. 

     He didn't answer but I knew he got up and was now following me. I heard him sigh and I bet he rolled his eyes as he dragged his feet to meet me. I stood at the side of the door and waited for him to come in. Once he was in I shut the door behind me and locked it.

"What's the problem with your closet? It looks fine." Niall said blandly.

"Nothing is wrong with the closet." I said with a small smile.

"Then why did you say you wanted me to look at it?"

"Because you weren't answering me, you haven't even looked at me."

"Well it's not like your my favorite person right now, you have made me really upset and I-"

     While he was talking I walked up to him and I cut him off with a kiss. I grabbed his shirt collar and I crashed my lips onto his. But Niall pulled me off gently.

"What the hell are you doing? You are engaged Lisamarie!"

"I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."

"It's okay, I won't tell anyone."

"I can't get you off my mind!" I blurted out.


"I have no idea why I said that, I think I'm going crazy, and I'm just a mess right now and-"

     Then I felt Niall's lips on mine. He had one hand on  my back pushing me closer to him, and another holding my chin up. I didn't even hesitate, I kissed back right away. I even tried to push my body closer to him. Soon he led me to the bed without breaking the kiss. He lied me down gently and he was on top of me. He moved his lips to my jaw, then my neck, then my collar bone. Niall took my shirt off and opened his eyes. He really looked at me and stopped kissing me. He moved away from me and shook his head.

"Niall." I said with tears forming in my eyes. I hated the feeling of rejection.

"Look at you. Look at these bruises. Look at what he's done to you."

I sat up. "I know." I looked down. "I'm just such a mess. I don't even know what has happened to my life. I'm so stupid, so so stupid."

"Hey. No you're not. You are not stupid, you're actually one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. And you can fix this, you really can. Just leave him, we will back you up."

     Niall wrapped his arms around me. Then there was a knock at my door.

"Lisamarie you need to come out here."

I opened my door slightly, it was Harry. "What's up?"

"Brendon is here. He's right outside. I wouldn't let him in. I thought he was going to be at work all day?"

"That's what I thought! He must of left the office for his lunch hour. Oh god." I took a deep breath, threw my shirt on and braced myself. When I was walking out I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"I can talk to him for you, or even go with you. You don't need to do this alone." Niall said.

"No this is my problem. If he sees you he'll probably just get more mad."

"I'll be right here waiting for you." Niall said as he sat on my bed.

     I leaned over and kissed his cheek, took a deep breath again, and walked out. As I walked to the front door I felt very uneasy, I hoped he wouldn't hurt me with the boys right inside. That would not end up well. What people need to realize is when you're in an abusive relationship it's very hard to leave it. Not only are you scared to, but you really do grow to love the other person because it wasn't always like that. I love Brendon, I'm in love with Brendon. I just wish things were normal and our fights weren't violent. I mean we're engaged, I thought that would change things. As I opened the door I looked at Brendon, he was furious. He looked at me and it was like his anger multiplied.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing here?" He said as he grabbed my wrist and slamming the door behind me.

I tried to pull my wrist back but it was a loosing battle. "I told you this morning that I think we should take a break to make sure this is what we really want Brendon."

He dropped my hand, "Well you had your time today, what do you think now? I give you everything you want and more. I pamper you, you don't need to work. I gave you a huge ring when I proposed. What more could you want you selfish whore?" His voice started to get louder.

"Brendon! Stop!" I took a step back. "Why don't you see that I'm in love with you? This has been the best year of my life, I want to be your wife so bad. But every time you say mean things, call me names, or hit me, or hurt me, it's just getting harder for me to keep these feelings." I began to cry for like the millionth time today. "I just don't understand what I do that is so awful Brendon, I don't!"

Brendon looked into my eyes and he stepped forward. "I know I get angry at you easily. I know I hurt you. I don't mean to. I just get stressed and mad easily. If you come back right now, I'll get some help and I'll try to stop. I don't want to hurt you ever again. I want to get married, have kids, grow old together and live our lives happily."

"Brendon, do you promise? Because if this is just a trick, I will leave. I will move on, I deserve to be happy."

"Baby I promise! Please out this back on?" Brendon asked taking out the ring.

"Yes!" I squealed and he slipped the ring back on my finger.

"I love you, I can't believe I almost let you slip away." He said as I jumped into his arms. And then we shared a very passionate kiss.

"I love you too!"

"Get your things and lets get out of here. We can go home and get some dinner and then start packing for this weekend. Ok?"

"Ok Bren." I said smiling. "I'll meet you in the car." We kissed one more time before I went back inside.

    I went in and they were all looking at me with a very confused look. I think they thought I was going to break up with Brendon not work things out. But I was hoping we would work things out Brendon really heard what I had to say and now our relationship is going to get better and stronger.

"Guys, we worked things out! Brendon said he was going to get help. And we're going to visit my family in America this weekend."

"I'm sorry, what? You're going back with him?" Liam asked.


"What if he was lying?" Zayn asked.

"I really don't think he was. I could tell that he wants this to work."

"What happens if it doesn't?" Louis asked.

"Then it will be my fault, I know that. But I really think things are going to change."

"Gonna break the news to Niall?" Harry said with a harsh tone.

"No news to break, Niall wasn't even talking to me earlier." I shot back.

"That's why when I knocked on the door you answered without a shirt on?"

"We were just caught up in the moment. Niall just got out of a relationship with Demi and I'm engaged, it didn't mean anything. It was just kissing, nothing more."

"Right. Well let me know how that goes, he's still waiting for you."

     I gave Harry a dirty look and I went back into the room. I opened it slowly and when I walked in Niall grabbed my hands and pulled me onto the bed with him. He hugged me tightly and kissed the top of my head.

"Niall I need to tell you what happened."

"Shh. You can tell me later. I miss you Leese." Niall began to kiss my neck but I pushed him off. "What's wrong?"

"Niall, I'm going home. With Brendon."

"What are you talking about?"

"We really talked and were going to work on things. I'm going to marry him Niall."

"But you told me you can't get me off your mind, I know you miss me. I miss you, so much."

"Niall of course I miss you, I miss Harry, and Liam, and Zayn, and Louis, and El, and Perrie too! But I'm with Brendon now and forever I'm in love with him. We're just friends."

"Lisamarie." Niall looked so sad.

"Niall, I'm sorry." I picked up my bag. "Please don't hate me." I kissed his cheek and walked out.

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