Never Regret something that Once made you Smile (sequel to From a Nightmare to a Dream)

This is the sequel to From a Nightmare to a Dream. I highly suggest you read that first so you understand why and what is happening.
The last book left off with Lisamarie and Brendon still together. Niall and Demi broke up, Lisamarie lives with Brendon now, and there are going to be some big changes and decisions Lisamarie will have to make. Could a package she receives one day change it all?
Where does Niall and the boys play into this? You'll have to read and find out.


6. Family

     As soon as we got home we began to pack, our flight was leaving in the afternoon tomorrow. And we would have to get there early because it will be Friday so it will be busy with people and traffic. Packing ended up taking forever because Brendon wouldn't keep his hands off me. He was being very touchy and cuddly, I loved it.

"Love, lets take a break please." Brendon said while slipping his hands around my waist.

"Babe if you keep distracting me someone is going to end up with no underwear!" I said giggling.

"Just a few minutes, please, I'm just dying to give you a proper kiss instead of stealing them." Brendon said while turning me around.

"Fine! I give in you win, just kiss me." I couldn't stop laughing.

     Brendon took the clothes that were out of my hands and placed them on the bed. He then placed his hands on my shoulders and slid them down until they were on my hips. He pulled me closer to him until our foreheads were touching. We smiled at each other then in the next second our lips were moving in sync. My arms were slung over his shoulders and my hands in his hair. This kiss was perfect and I would be perfectly fine if I never moved again and this lasted forever. I broke away first and looked down and smiled.

"I love you, so much. I don't know what I would do without you." Brendon said. He kissed my forehead and began to help me finish pack.

"Bren, I love you too. I can't wait to be married." I said and walked up behind him.

"We should really start planning when we get back."

"Mhm." I replied putting my arms around his waist and laying my head on his back.

"I thought we were going to pack?" Brendon questioned with a laugh.

"I know but I just love you and can't get enough of you. It's like your kisses are hypnotizing."

"Oh yeah?" Brendon turned around and cupped my face with his hands and kissed me. "How was that?"

"Baby." I whispered. I grabbed him by his shirt, "Stop distracting me." We both laughed.

     We finally finished packing, even though it took like three times as long. We just had a small dinner, showered together and then went to bed. We had to get up early for our flight. I have never had a normal flight time, where I could get up at a reasonable time or even in the evening, nope always at like five in the morning where I get like no sleep and then I'm miserable on the long flight. Brendon literally had to drag me out of bed. He picked me up and placed me on the counter in the bathroom. He started to brush my hair and then he actually straightened my hair for me. I couldn't help but smile the whole time even though my eyes were like half open. I put moisturizer on my face and then just my eye lashes and a thin line of liner. I got dressed in some spandex shorts, a hoodie, some knee high socks and a pair of tall uggs. I really didn't give a fuck what I looked like, I just knew I had to be comfortable. I knew this flight well now, thirteen hours, long long very long thirteen hour flight. But when it was over I would be seeing my family so it was worth it.

     On the flight I took my seat belt off and swung my legs over so they were on Brendon's legs, he got me a blanket and a pillow and I fell asleep like that. I actually ended up sleeping the entire flight, Brendon had to wake me up. I have never done that. I guess I really caught up on my sleep. But now I was over tired so that made me tired. Once we got off the plane I jumped on Bren's back and he carried me to baggage. Once we got our bags and we were about to walk out the doors to get a cab something caught my eye. Actually it was two someones. There were two really sketchy guys that just kept looking at me, but they looked familiar. I told Brendon I had to run inside and use the bathroom really quick while he waited for the cab. I walked up to the two guys and once I realized who it was I got insta-pissed.

"What the hell are you guys doing here?" I said with my hands on my hips.

"What? We can't visit upstate New York?" Harry said in the most cocky tone.

"No, not while I'm here."

"Everything is not about you." Niall said harshly.

"Why do you guys look like homeless sketchballs anyway?"

"Would you like us to get mobbed, or?" Niall said with an attitude still.

"I thought you didn't like to wear disguises?"

"We were hiding from you, not our fans." Harry replied.

"Right. Well have a good time." I said begining to walk away.

"Will we get to see you and your family?" Niall said grabbing my wrist.

"First of all, don't touch me." I said shaking him off. "Second of all, why would you want to see them? Or me?"

"We love your family! They're so nice. And we're seeing Mel later, you?" Harry asked.

"Mel and I aren't speaking." I said looking down.

"Sorry." Niall said sincerely.

"It's whatever. I need to go, maybe you guys can come over tomorrow for like dinner or something. Brendon won't be too happy but that's his problem."

"No it's your problem if he gets mad. We don't want to do that to you." Harry said.

"No it's not like that guys. We talked and things are changed, I'm serious."

"Don't forget you always have a home with us." Niall said.

"I love you guys, but I need to get going. I'll text you later." I hugged them and then I returned to my fiance.

     I walked back outside and saw Brendon loading the bags into the trunk of the car. I smiled at him. Admiring little things. Like how tired he looked, but love filled in his eyes. Once he closed the trunk of the car, he opened the door for me and I climbed in. He was in right after me and put an arm around my waist and pulled me closer. I kissed his cheek and settled my head on his shoulder.

"Hey." Brendon whispered.

"Hey." I whispered back.

"I love you so much."

"I love you too babe."

     This really felt like a new start for us. Even though things have been going great, every time I said 'I love you.' or some form of that to or back to him I felt a little weird. And I kept thinking about Niall and the day I was at Harry's. Did Niall think I would get back together with him? I love Niall, I will admit that to anyone, but what I would also admit is that I'm not in love with him. I'm in love with Brendon and I'm going to be with him for a very long time now. I think I'll need to talk to him while he's here, I want to talk about the dream that we share and what happened the other day. Things should get cleared up for sure. But I'll worry about that tomorrow. I just want to get to my mom's and relax. I know Brendon is dying to get a nap in a bed and then I can visit with my mom for a little while.

     We finally arrived to my mom's. She practically ran out of the house and hugged not me, but Brendon first. I just stood there with a confused look on my face and Brendon and my mom started laughing. Well then.

"Congratulations!!!" My mom yelled.

"Thanks Gina." Bren replied.

"Oh please, you can call me mom now sweetie. This is so exciting, your dad and brothers are coming over later."

"Mom, Brendon really needs to get some sleep. He's been working super hard all week so we could take this trip, and we were just on a thirteen hour flight."

"Love, it's ok. I can sleep tomorrow. Tomorrow you can go see Mel."

"Babe are you sure?"

"Of course, I wouldn't of said it if I didn't mean it."

"That's perfect! I'm sure she's dying to see you!" My mom interjected.

     Little did they both know, I wasn't talking to Melanie. I texted Niall saying 'Lets get together, just you and I tomorrow. We need to talk.' and he replied right away saying 'Sure, hubby ok w/ that' I said 'Think I'll be with Mel. Don't tell her I'm here, and don't tell Harry we're hanging out.' and he said 'K' I hated when people just said "K" but I guess I really don't deserve better than that.

     A little while later after Bren and I unpacked and got settle into our room for the next couple of days my dad and my brothers arrived. We all hugged and more congratulations went around. It was actually a pretty happy get together. My parents were so happy for us and happy that I found someone like Brendon. He was very successful and could take care of me and they were happy I have a degree and will be going back to school after the wedding. While we were all cleaning up dinner there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" My mom yelled. Soon there were three people who I least expected.

"What are you guys doing here?" I said almost dropping the plate in my hand.

"Glad you told me you were visiting." Mel said.

"So you decide to show up to my mom's house? With Harry and Niall?"

"I invited them!" My mom said.

"Why? This is mine and Brendon's time with you. And they are not friends with him."

"Oh stop, everyone is friends here. And we miss them."

"Well Brendon and I are going out then."

"Babe, it's ok. They are your friends, I have no issues with them. We can all have ice cream when we're finished cleaning up." Brendon said while putting an arm around my waist. Mel shot us a dirty look.

"Ok, that's fine I guess." I placed the dish down and kissed Bren full on in front of them.

Niall cleared his throat, "Need any help cleaning up?" He asked.

"No." I said coldly.

     This was going to be one awkward bowl of ice cream.

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