Sweet Nothing

Justin Bieber this...Justin Bieber that...Justin Bieber everything. Justin's found the girl, Lily, and Lily can't help but love him too. It's more than Lily could have ever imagined, but somehow along the lines, things started to fall apart. The media could see it, their friends could see, the fans could see, even Lily could see...everyone except Justin. Lily knows he did wrong, but why won't Justin just admit the truth? Is dating one of the world's biggest pop star really worth all the hype it's built up?


4. Chapter 4

Justin's P.O.V.

"Hey Justin, what's the matter?" Scooter asked me as he sat on the chair beside me.

I only shook my head, replying with a mere, "Nothing."

"Clearly something's wrong 'cause you're not smiling," he said, looking directly into my eyes.

"Nothin'," I said with the fakest smile I could have managed.

Scooter only rolled his eyes and patted me on the back. "I'll be here when you're ready to talk," he said and then walked away.

There is nothing to talk about! I mentally shouted at him. Nothing, I repeated. 


"But Justin," Lily complained as she put her hands in front of her. 

"Please babe," I begged, pushing the pretty dress in front of her. 

"But look at the price tag," she continued. The tag showed it would cost over five hundred bucks.

I only scoffed. "That's nothing," I assured her. Her mouth only turned into an "O" and I couldn't help but laugh. "Oh Lily, at least try it on! I know you'll just look drop dead beautiful," I pleaded, planting a gentle kiss on her lips. 

She blushed before nodding her head. "Ok, fine, but we're not buying it," she said, wagging a finger in my face.

"Sure..." I teased. I walked around the store while Lily changed, looking to see if there was anything else I could get her. 

"Bingo," I exclaimed as I picked up a striped, lacy, black and white dress.

"Justin?" I heard Lily call out. I carried the dress with me back to the dressing room area. My jaw literally dropped to the floor when I saw her in that stunning red satin mini dress. 

"No more questions," I quickly said, grabbing her hand. "We're buying this dress right now, and I'm not taking no for an answer."

"Justin," she squealed as I led her to the checkout. "You don't have to," she whispered. 

"One should always tell a beautiful girl that she's beautiful. But Lily, you're not just beautiful on the outside, but you're also beautiful inside, which is why I must buy you this dress."

"How can I roll my eyes at that?" she wondered out loud as she leaned her head against my arm. 

"I would like to buy this dress that this beautiful person is modeling here as well as this other dress," I told the store manager. 

"Justin," she giggled as she wrapped her arms around me. 

"Only because you're so beautiful," I said and then kissed the top of her head. 


I smiled to myself. Lily was wearing that striped lacy dress today and she looked so amazing in it.

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