Sweet Nothing

Justin Bieber this...Justin Bieber that...Justin Bieber everything. Justin's found the girl, Lily, and Lily can't help but love him too. It's more than Lily could have ever imagined, but somehow along the lines, things started to fall apart. The media could see it, their friends could see, the fans could see, even Lily could see...everyone except Justin. Lily knows he did wrong, but why won't Justin just admit the truth? Is dating one of the world's biggest pop star really worth all the hype it's built up?


1. Chapter 1

Lily's P.O.V.


Running down the drenched street as the rain splashed all across my body, I had a revelation. I guess you could call it that. I didn't know why I was running in this thunderstorm, but it cleared my mind up a bit.

I stopped to take in a deep breath. I looked down at my soggy, clinging clothes: a striped, lacy, black and white mini dress sparkly silver ankle boots. A diamond encrusted necklace and the iPhone in my Gucci purse.

You’re not supposed to run in the rain with such an expensive outfit, I mentally scolded myself. I sighed, but then chuckled. This wasn't who I was. Whose idea was it to put me in such a train wreck?

I looked back at the mansion, which was having a star-studded party. Miley Cyrus, The Wanted, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Carly Rae Jepson, and so many others, but I was too exhausted to really ponder it. 

I glanced back up the road just in time to see Maserati speeding by. I walked to the side of the road where no one, hopefully, could crash into me.

Justin, I thought. Justin was back at that stupid mansion, with those stupid celebrities, and those stupid girls...ugh, why must so many things be stupid? Especially me. Why must I be stupid? 

In complete frustration, I kicked off the silver boots and threw them as hard as possible into the vanishing hill beside the road. 

I must have been crazy because at that moment, I was desperately wishing not to be Justin Bieber's girlfriend.

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