The story you are about to read is about of course Justin Drew Bieber and a girl who goes to his concert and they fall in love. Justin is just starting the Believe tour also. How will a long distance relationship last? (Selena and Justin aren't together anymore.)


1. Your invited

I was shouting at my mom who was arguing with me about my birthday. I was turning seventeen tomorrow. Ugh! My mom has been bossing me around ever since dad died in a huge car accident. I missed him... A lot. He would never let mom boss me around or yell at me as much.

Anyway, I didn't care what she said! I was having a party tomorrow. I sat in my room writing invitations for friends. Arianna, Molly... They were the only friends who could probably come, so They were the only ones I invited. I called Molly first because she was like my big sister. She was always over when I needed somebody to talk to.

"Hello?" Molly asked into the phone.

"Hi sissy," I said.

"Mickiee!!!!!" She shouted.

I giggled. Everybody called me Mickie at school but my real name is Mikaila Nicole Thomson. Anyway back to our conversation!

"You are coming to my birthday right?" I asked curiously.

"Well, Yes! Of course I will!" She quickly answered

"Okay. Well I have to go now Molly. See you tomorrow!" I said giggling.

"Okay Bye!!!"

After I got off the phone with Molly I started writing a birthday list! Yea, yea. Those are for little kids, but I at least want my parents to know what I want! I wrote down Justin Bieber tickets and V.I.P tickets even though I would probably never see him or meet him. He was my idol and my inspiration., I absolutely loved him! Arianna and I have always wanted to meet him and thank him for changing our lives.
     *Calling Arianna*

"Hey!" I said as she picked up the phone

"Vas' happening girl!" She shouted giggling.

"hahaha! Nothing, just calling you to see if you want to come over tomorrow to hang out for my birthday! Can you come?" I mumbled softly

"Well... DUH!! I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world girl!" She barked. We both laughed.

"I knew you would say something like that, Arianna!" I exclaimed.

"Hahah! Well, I have to go Mickie. Bye!" she said


*Next Day*

I woke up to birds chirping outside my window. I sat up and smiled. Finally seventeen. I took a deep breath and looked at my clock. It was 11:23. Almost noon! I never sleep in this late. I got up and put my hair into bun. I walked downstairs and saw nobody else.

"Hello? Mom? Dad?" I whispered curiously.


"Hello? Is anyone here?" I shouted

Still nothing...


Lights went on. People came up and squeezed me with hugs. Shouting. Laughing.

"Hi." I said giggling



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