The story you are about to read is about of course Justin Drew Bieber and a girl who goes to his concert and they fall in love. Justin is just starting the Believe tour also. How will a long distance relationship last? (Selena and Justin aren't together anymore.)


2. Happy Happy Birthday

I looked at everyone. My aunt. My uncle. My grandma. My grandpa. And my friends and parents! I smiled at them all.

"Thank you guys so much!" I said hugging them all.

My mom immediately handed me an envelope and she couldn't stop smiling. I sat down and my friends were right next to me. I slowly opened the envelope wondering what it was. A gift card? Money? A Birthday card? When I opened it there was a birthday card in it and when I flipped open the card. It said

Happy seventeenth birthday Mikaila. We hope you love you present.

We love you<3 ~Love mom and dad.

"I love you guys too!" I said looking up from the card.

They smiled and pointed to the envelope. I looked inside and gasped. Justin Bieber V.I.P tickets and concert tickets! I started crying.

"We all put our money together to buy you the tickets. You and a friend are going to leave tomorrow because the concert is kind of far away." My mom said smiling.

"I will take Arianna! Wait, Molly? What about Molly?" I shouted with excitement and then lost it.

"I'm not going Mickie." Molly whispered

"W-W-Why?" I asked with a  frown.

"It was just to much money! You and Arianna will have fun! Just promise to bring me back an autographed T-shirt. Okay?" She barked

"Hahaha. Okay. I promise." I answered and then saw remember that I was going to meet Justin Bieber! I almost fainted when I looked at the tickets again. I looked at arianna and squealed!

"We're going to meet Justin Bieber!!!!AAAHHH!!!" I screamed

We both jumped around the house showing our excitement. We were so excited. I finally stopped after awhile though.

"What am I going to wear?" I asked my mom.

She looked at me and then gave me seventy-five dollars to go buy something to wear. I gasped.

"Seventy-Five dollars?" I asked

"Well, Yes. Its a special day!" My mom shrieked.

"okay can we go shopping now, mom?" I asked smiling

"First say goodbye to everyone hunny." My mom said nodding her head.

I smiled. "Goodbye everyone. Thank you all so much. I will never forget this day.." I said giving everyone a hug.

I grabbed Molly and Arianna and dragged them to my car.


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