Falling in love with an American?

This story is about a modern day Indian princess, Lolita, who falls in love with, Michael Anderson, one of two Americans sent to India to help take out a terrorist group that want Lolita's Family's Throne.


5. Pyaar va Ladka, Love and Boys

“Hello, Greg,” Shefali swooned, slowly batting her eyelashes in front of the
mirror. She did a full twirl in her jade green sari, keeping her right hand on her hip as
she flashed a toothy smile at her fake audience. Greg was amazing, and she absolutely
must make a good impression on him. She was so absorbed in her performance that she
didn’t notice the two sets of eyes peering through the crack in the door.
Lolita and Michael were choking back laughter, quietly watching the loopy
fifteen-year-old desperately try to be enchanting. “Eww,” Lolita whispered. “So this is
what she does all day.” Michael grinned.
“Yeah. I’ve never seen a girl act like this before,” he breathed. Shefali proceeded
to imitate a flirty laugh, although she sounded more like a hyena to Lolita and Michael.
They clamped their hands over their mouths. This was getting good.
“Oh, yes, Greg! I will marry you!” That was it; they couldn’t take it any longer.
Grabbing Michael’s arm, Lolita dragged him down the hall before Shefali had the chance
to see who was hysterically laughing outside her bedroom door. Once they were safely
out of view, they practically exploded. When the moment was over, they walked over to
Greg and Michael's room, only to fine that poor Greg was gone. In fact, it looked like he
was being chased by Shefali.
“Greg!” she screeched in a thick, heavy accent. He was to busy bounding down
the halls like a frightened gazelle to notice Lolita and Michael standing just feet away.
For some reason, he was smiling. Leaping into the bedroom, he shut the door, locking
the crazy teen out of the room. For awhile, he just stood there, panting—until he noticed
that his fellow co-worker and the princess of India were in the room. Staring at him.
“Michael, my man!” he exclaimed. “This is just like old times! See, I knew I
didn't loose my manly charm in that old metal dump-house,” he continued after bowing
to Lolita. “So what's up?”
“You first. What was going on out there?” Michael inquired, nodding his head
towards the door.
“Just a little game, Anderson.”
“No, really,” he prodded. “You looked like you were enjoying it.” He continued
to question Greg until he saw that it was going nowhere, and then changed the subject.
“Hey, where's General Thomas?”
“I don't know,” Greg responded, obviously relieved that they had stopped talking
about Shefali. “Why don't we go look for him. I thought we had work to do today—”
he cleared his throat. “You. . .may—um, come—uh, yeah—come too, your Highness, if


“Call me Lolita. And yes, if you don't mind, I'd like to come with you—and one
more thing. You do realize that I understand English, right?” She smirked.
Michael snickered as he watched a speechless Greg slowly walk out the door,
followed by the sassy princess Lolita.
A few minutes later they were out on a beautiful balcony near the top of the
palace. Lolita loved this place. A cool breeze gently shook a series of wind chimes that
hung by the railing, and bright colored birds of all sizes flourished all over the lush green
bananna trees. She slowly pushed aside the silk curtain entrance and let her smooth, dark
hair blow in the wind. Greg and Michael were once again, awed. Lolita scooped up a
handful of birdseed from a tray and scattered it along the ground. The gathering of birds
quickly moved over to peck at the food.
The were all staring over the edge of the golden railing as a gruff voice sounded
out behind them. “Gentlemen. I see you are ready to begin our mission,” General
Thomas said with just the slightest hint of emotion.
“Yes Sir,” Michael replied, before Greg had a chance to mess anything up for
them. “We were just looking for you.”
“Good. Come down to my office.” He lead Michael and Greg to a spacious
room that Rajja Ajit had granted them, leaving Lolita to tend to the birds. Michael cast a
longing glance toward the lonely girl, catching her anxious gaze as she slowly turned
toward the entrance to watch them leave.
Inside the office, General Thomas spread out several large maps in front of them.
A grim expression on his face, he said, “We are having trouble locating the two terrorists.
Last time we heard, they performed a night raid in the city of Arambagh in West Bengal-
-” he pointed to something on a small-scale map. “We sent two Indian agents there this
morning. There's no sign of the group.”
“Wait—so these men are going through and torturing India? I thought they were
trying to take down the king,” Greg said.
“They're trying to force people into joining their side. Basically their message is
that when the whole royal business stops, the torture ends with it.

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