Falling in love with an American?

This story is about a modern day Indian princess, Lolita, who falls in love with, Michael Anderson, one of two Americans sent to India to help take out a terrorist group that want Lolita's Family's Throne.


2. Mother

“I am not pleased with you, my daughter,” Raanee Aishwarya placed a cold hand
on Lolita’s shoulder. “Tell me, Lolita, why do you think I am unhappy with your
actions?” Lolita remained motionless on her mother’s bed, paralyzed by fear, not willing
to admit that she had no idea as to why her mother was being so intimidating and harsh.
“Lolita, you will answer me when I talk to you.” Her voice was getting sharp, and Lolita
could see she was trying her mother’s patience.
Last night, as she had reported to this same room, faithfully answering her
mother’s call, she had been shooed away the moment she knocked on the door. “I will
speak to you in the morning,” Aishwarya had coolly replied. Now, the lecture was
beginning, and she did not like how things were taking a nasty turn so early in this little
talking-to. Besides, what had she even done wrong? Knowing her mother, it could be
something as minor as the way she had been walking lately.
“Y-y-yes, Mother,” she cautiously replied.
“Good. Now, we will discuss your actions later. Right now, I need to tell you
something about that letter you received last night. First of all, it was meant for your
father, not you, and second, he would like to speak with you.” Her father slowly stepped
into the room and handed her the paper as her mother exited.
“I would like you to read this again, Lolita.” She took the paper and carefully
read over the main parts of it.
The United States is offering assistance. We understand your political troubles,
and are willing to help you take down Malhara Bhandari, in exchange for some
assistance in the future…

Our deal is to send you two of our younger agents, and a director of operations
with more experience. Together, they will work with you to capture Malhara, and will
not cease until he is dealt with properly…
Please send your final approval in a phone call. If you agree, the agents will
arrive by the end of this week…
Lolita gasped. “Father, you didn’t—“
“I did.”
Her heart stopped. India had not exactly been getting along with the United
States of America lately—at least, not as well as they used to. They were suggesting an
alliance, and her father had said yes. Why? India was fine on it’s own. And who was
Malhara Bhandari? She paused, trying to keep her thoughts from continuously whirling
around in her head.
“Father—who is Malhara Bhandari?”
“Ah, that is another matter I have been meaning to discuss with you. Malhara is a
terrorist from North India. Over the past year, he has put together a small band of men—
only about five hundred or so that are making plots to…dispose of the new royal family.”
Lolita’s eyes widened. Despite her father’s careful choice of words, it made her feel
extremely uneasy, living with the knowledge that there were people out there who were
plotting to kill her. “But,” her father continued, taking note of his daughter’s shocked
expressions, “the good thing about Malahara’s group is that it is run by two people—him,
and his, um. . .main assistant. And, once we take down those two people, the group will
not be stable enough to, well. . .” his voice trailed off.
“Why have you not told me this before?” Lolita asked.
“We didn’t want to worry you,” he replied, a look of regret on his face.
“I am seventeen years old, Father!”
“I know, but that is in the past. Now we need your help with this whole agent
situation. Since you are the only one in this family who speaks fluent English, we need
you for main communication purposes.”
Great, Lolita thought. First they leave me totally clueless about the terrorist out
there who is planning to kill us, and now they expect me to just go along with their stupid
plan and talk to these…these…foolish Americans! But, she had to, of course. After all,
her father was the Raajaa.

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