Barely There

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1. us

we were just sitting in class when I got called up to the office "Alley plzz report to the office Alley plzz report to the office!!!" "oooo someones busted"everyone yelled "shutup"i said I walked out the door I seen Jake sitting down.UHH Jake he's my ex ever since i found out he was cheating on me we never talked."hey beautiful"he said with a big smile "hey ugly" I said. I could hear him laugh a little "Alley come on in" principal Hernandez said "so do you know why your in here"he said "no"I said "Jake come in now" oh god i thought in my head.My stomach started hurting. "hey Alley"he said again with a big smile on his face."hey"I said "so Alley Jake here tells me that ever since you found out he was cheating on you his friend said that you had cuts on your stomach and your back"principal said "THATS NOT TRUE AN HOW WOULD HE KNOW!!!!!!"I yelled "he is a girl"Jake said "calm down Alley let me finish"principal said "whatever"i said "ok so tomorrow you will be called to the nurse's office Alley you are dismissed" "what the hell I said i dont have nothing one me so why do I have to got to the nurse"I yelled at principal Hernandez "Alley your dismissed"he said "I'm not leaving until you tell me why"i said "dismissed or detention for 5 weeks"he said I left

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