Barely There

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5. the woods

I woke up at three in the afternoon.Yes, i know i sleep forever.I went to take a shower an wash my hair.As soon as i was done i put on my white long sleeve,skinny jeans,an my converse.My phone vibrated.I got a text from Jake he wanted me to meet him in the woods now.I have to admit i was kinda scared of the woods but i have Jake to protect me."hey Alley glad you could make it"Jake said."yeah so why are we here"i asked him."well about that Alley i have a surprise for you close your eyes baby girl"he said."ok"i yelled with excitment."shh keep your voice down Alley"Jake said."ok open your eyes when i tell you ok this present might make you cry alitlle"he said."umm ok"i said.I felt something cold on my arm."Alley when i do this dont scream or you will cry more okay"he said."Jake why would i cry more?"i said.I was really scared now."Alley open you eyes an turn around"Jake said.I turned around to see a knife in his hand."Jake what Are you gonna do with that?"i asked him.I was even more scared."IM GONNA KILL YOU!!!"he screamed."OMG no Jake plzz dont plzz"i said.Tears started running down my eyes.He came closer.I tried to run but he grabbed my wrist."let me go"i said."NOOO!!!"he screamed at me.He held the knife to my neck."AHHHHH SOMEONE HELP HE'S GOT ME!!!"I screamed.

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